How Do You Attract People?

by Jay Deragon on 04/03/2009

attracting-moneyThere is so much, too much, content fed to us by the second.  So the issue becomes what content attracts you enough to read, engage and consider it worth your time.  There simply is not enough time in any day to read and watch everything that is delivered to your inbox, your Tweet Deck, your friendfeed and the host of other delivery mechanisms that feed our thirst for information.

In my own experience the content that gets my attention is topics and people who consistently make me think.  Thinking is a powerful function if your mind and heart are open to learning that which you may not know.  If your not open to learning than your stuck with what you think you know.

How Does Your Mind Work?

Our brains are the center of our thoughts, emotions of which both are largely influenced by our past, present and future experiences. King Solomon once said “as a man thinketh, so is he” indicating that that which we think about and believe shapes who we are and how we view the world we live in and the people we relate to.  Now we have been enabled both to influence and be influenced by our “virtual experiences and the information we receive and send to the masses”.

Some people and businesses look at all this social stuff as a fad and no different than traditional marketing and messaging methods.  The problem with that position is that traditional methods have not engaged the masses into relevant conversations about topics that interest them.  The fundamentals of conversations is an exchange of information between two or more people. Social technology enables us to share information with thousands and millions of peole.  Some people engage and stand on their option of things as if their opinions were absolute truths never inclined to change.  Others engage in coversations with the aim of learning which means entering into the conversations without preconceived notions about a subject matter.

Our brains function according to patterns we adopt which in turn creates our own abosulte truths that many of us hang onto and expect others to agree with our “abosutle truths”. If we approach life with the aim to continuously learn, without reference to past experiences, then our brains process information openly rather than trying to fit information into our paradigms of belief.  Before the telephone who would have believed we could talk to other via a wire? Before broadcast televsion would we have believed that people from around the world could talk to us through a box? Before the interent who would have believed that information about anything and everything could be accessed at the click of a mouse?

Before Web 2.0 who would have believed that individuals could become the media and connect with millions from around the world.? Who would have believed that finding knowledge and people could be so easy?  Few believed any of these changes would or could happen because their brain patterns were closed to learning.

Is Your Mind Open or Closed?

To have a closed brain means that we expect people to agree with our views of the world based on our experiences rather than theirs. To have an open mind means that learning is an ongoing process of discovery, while not sacrificing our values, we desire to learn about ourselves and the world that affects us.  In an era of significant change having an open mind helps us make sense of the changes around us.  Having a closed mind typically creates an attitude of discounting change and the impact changes will have on our life.

Personally I love to learn and my “audience” provides me with constant feedback and information that helps me learn more, 24/7.  To me this is an exicting journey and the exchange of information, knowledge and insight is what makes social media worthy of our time and attention.  I suggest that people will consider you worthy of their time and attention if you can share what your learning.  If your a brand what experience can you share that will help others learn?  Just maybe by doing so you personalize your brand, your products/services by providing people with a valuable learning experience that has nothing to do with your products and services. 

You can attract people by helping them learn.  When you help people learn they are likely to “spend more” time and money with you.  What have the newspapers learn?

Get it? What say you?

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Good Article by Jay Deragon-How Do You Attract People?>

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How Do You Attract People?: There is so much, too much, content fed to us by the second.  So the issue becomes w..

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RelationshipEcon: How Do You Attract People?: There is so much, too much, content fed to us by ..

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New blog post: How Do You Attract People?

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