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What Is The Value Of Learning?

time-managing-social-mediaLearning is acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences or understanding, and may involve synthesizing different types of information. We learn from experience, education, sharing and much of the process involves a conversation with others or ourselves.

Applying what we learn involves even more learning. Application of information or new knowledge involves experimenting not unlike the developmental process of children. Children play, experiment with the world, learn the rules, or how to break them, and learn to interact.

Experimenting with what we learn and applying new knowledge to gain more experience involves failing. Failing in itself can be a great teacher if we learn from failing. We can learn from others failure and we can help others learn from our own failures.

The Social Media Learning Curve

Learning about using social media successfully takes time and failure.  The technology changes rapidly. The dynamics of the “space” and the outcomes of massive human interaction is a daily lesson in failure and success.  Reading, experimenting and conversing propels learning if you approach a subject matter with the mind of a child, open.

To approach social media with old knowledge and perspectives stalls your learning curve because you try and fit “it” into old knowledge.  The disruptive and dynamic nature of social media is best understood by stepping out of old paradigms and opening your mind to learning and discovering.  However learning and discovering takes time and social media addiction can suck your time away and you don’t even realize it.

Technology can help accelerate the learning process but doing so efficently requires gaining knowledge of the tools, the methods and a “vetting process”.  Again more time is required to acquire said knowledge.

Many people are “burning out” on social media because it steals their time.  Time and productivity are the “value attributes” of learning effectively and that drive commerce from social media, conversations. The process of learning effectively requires knowledge. Here we go again. Learning is acquiring new knowledge.

Ever thought you knew enough to now apply what you’ve learned successfully? Most people jump into social media and get sucked into non productive conversations and the addiction of the medium only to burn out quickly. Why? Because they are reading and listening to the wrong conversations that don’t add value, knowledge. They also waste a lot of time experimenting and looking for the secret sauce that will make them more productive.  the problem with experimenting without knowledge is it creates a cycle of wasted time.

Learning to synthesize conversations (information) that provide you with new knowledge will lead you to the innovation that saves you time and makes you more productive. Otherwise you’ll burn out and waste a lot of time getting burned out.

The value of learning is time and productivity gained. You can try and learn on your own or gain the knowledge from people who have learned.  The currency of valuable conversations is knowledge. Get it?

What say you?

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