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Want Your Life Back?

lifeevyWe are all addicted to keeping up with conversations. We wake up and check our IPhone, our email, the news, our Twitter account etc. etc. This addiction is in reality stealing our life away to chatter that doesn’t add much value unless we learn to “filter the noise” and listen to what is actually right in front of us, ourselves.

A friend of mine responded to  my post titled “Is Social Media Overwhelming” and wrote: This talks to attention value rather than thought value.  It is based on a paradigm that attention and getting one’s message across is what counts.  I found Clay Shirky’s comments profound when he said that

“there is no information overload, there is only filter failure”

The overwhelm IS when one is paying attention to everybody else’s attention, but I refuse to do that even if exacts a social cost because “filter failure” is the overwhelm, so we overwhelm ourselves, organizations overwhelm themselves.

We need a new paradigm, but it requires us IMHO to do the counter-intuitive, to avoid attention.  Ironically what is the title of Hugh McLeod’s new book but “Ignore Everybody”.  I want a VELOCITY OF ZERO.  I will attain it because there is another side to this message and that is exactly in line with what Marshall McLuhan considered in line with the medium is the message, which is to keep asking yourself what is going on.

How can I figure out what is going on if I am willing accessory to filter failure?  Surely, Hugh McLeod as a certain wisdom to his words when he suggests (smartly as far as I am concerned) that in a world where attention is running one way, ignore everybody – because in that ignoring is something unique, something everybody else seemingly isn’t doing and that is beyond thoughts that focus on overwhelm.

What do I say, I say I want to keep banging this thing called “social ME-dia” until the “me” drops out of it and I have conquered “filter failure” . . .  me to we is fine but it can lead to overwhelm, we to me is fine – when my goal is to get my life back.

How Is Your Filter Working?

Human behavior is predictable. The craving for attention seems to draw us into believing that what we or others have to say is important thus everyone has something to say and we tend to listen what everyone else is saying. Don’t believe it? Just consider the mass of people chatting on Twitter….close to 50 million people and most chatting about meaningless content that has no context to anything worthy of your attention.

Still don’t believe it? Consider over 200 million blogs and probably 90% of them produce content that is irrelevant and isn’t adding value to anyone or anything accept the individuals desire to get attention.  Consider the growth of all this social stuff…..is surpasses the adoption curves of radio, television and print media and faster than any of the other mediums ever,  ever is significant. Why? Because everyone wants or is trying to get our attention with something or someone.

To create real value what we all need a filter in order to think clearly and focus on what really matters…worthy relationships.  The person whom responded to my post ask to not be mentioned because he doesn’t need any attention. A worthy position that we should all stop and consider…even for just a moment. Get it?

What say you?

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