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From Advertising To Convertising?

cost-of-social-mediaThe word irrelevant reflects no connection to a person, place or thing.

Dictionary.com defines it as not relevant; not applicable or pertinent. Sound like many of the ads “pushed” in your face, on line and off line?

Social media is ripping the advertising industry wide open.With on line click through rates running less than 2% and off line methods running 1-4% the audience is learning just how ineffective and irrelevant the old methods are. At the same time the industry will argue with these numbers to justify these old methods.  I think Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Would you say that believing in the old methods is insane?

Advertising Or Convertising?

When people need or want something in the old days they’d look up information in the yellow pages. Today people turn to search engines to find what they want or need. Each day on average Google gets used 235 million times. While at the same time advertising online get little if any attention and less than 2% click through rates.

When people are looking to purchase something they want and need more and more they are going on line to find out what other people think or say about a product, service or brand. In other words after they have found something they continue to “search” for conversations that are relevant to their desire to buy something. Thus the relevancy that influences people’s buying behavior  is other people’s conversation.

Convertising is a lot more effective, efficient and relevant than irrelevant advertising. Why? Because people conversing don’t “push” intrusive information into the space of conversations rather their conversations about anything and everything is what pulls other people to those conversations. People trust people, not institutions or advertisements.

Why Is Advertising Irrelevant?

Stop and think about the wasteful methods deployed by advertisers past, present and moving into the future. Think about the cost of waste beyond the advertisers wasted spending. Cost of our attention, our time and yes even our own productivity.  Don’t think so? Think about it.

  1. How much time do we waste watching a TV ad that has no relevancy to our interest?
  2. How much attention and space is wasted pushing advertisements on the web even if Google Ad sense promises relevancy?
  3. When you want or desire something do you sit and watch/read advertisements or do you search for what you want and need?
  4. Do you think that we as consumers pay for the waste built into the old methods? $1.5 trillions globally. Sounds like a government spend on pork barrel projects. How do you like that affinity and image?
  5. How long has the advertising industry been drinking their own koolaid? Forever!

And on top of all this the advertising industry thinks that people are loyal to brands.  The only context of people’s loyalty to a brands product is whether the product does what is expected or more and the price reflects the experience and the service (value) from people within a brand, a relational experience. The only loyalty a brand can instill is if it is loyal to its customers.

Just maybe it is time for leaders in the advertising industry to convert their old methods to the new method of convertising. The technology to do so exist today and it is relevant to rate of return, rate of interest and ease of use by and for the benefit of people. You know those folks whose expenditures have enabled you to continue to advertise the old way. Get it?

What say you?

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