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Isn’t It Obvious?

Sometimes the obvious isn’t obvious to those who don’t see the obvious.

To some the power and pull of social media is obvious. To others they try to use social media for everything but the obvious. What is obvious to the few used to not be obvious to the many. Now the obvious to the many isn’t obvious to the few.

What is Obvious To The Many?

Like the Pizza Hut sign in this post the many already know what social media is and isn’t. However, again like the Pizza Hut sign, the few think they need to constantly tell us who they are and what their products are. Here is a revelation. The many already know!

What Isn’t Obvious To The Few

We the people (the older generation) have had our steady diet of mass media for decades.  Now we are rejecting the mass media and turning to media that has relevancy to our lives. The new media we consume is media created by those we know or have an affinity to. The new media is people media in the form of conversations with helpful suggestions, referrals or recommendations.

Our children have turned off mass media and rely on their “network” of friends and the conversations with those friends off and on line.  Our children have found a new means of communicating and new media to consume.  They wear, consume and discuss the brands they have an affinity to and they do so daily. They don’t consume broadcast or print media and when it comes to learning about products or services they want or need they rely on their friends to tell them.

The “few” are now the old market pushing media at us, on us and around us 24/7. These are brands and institutions believing that they can get our attention and trick us into a transaction as the result of old advertising and marketing models and methods. While they have noticed that we’ve moved on line they still chase us with the same off line methods.

You would think that they would recognize the data that screams “change your methods”. What data? How about recognizing that…..

  1. A Shift Has Hit The Fan
  2. It’s no longer conversion rather conversation rates
  3. Their current methods fail 96% of the time
  4. Old Market Leaders Talk But Don’t Walk the Talk
  5. 98% of Sales Come From Referrals

There is an abundance of data and examples of the obvious changes in today’s marketplace. The marketplace has shifted and conversations are obviously more important and relevant to the many but not the few who used to control the channel to the many.

We’ve Changed The Channel

The channel to the many used to be mass media. Now the channel is in fact the many who are simply having a conversations, one to one to many.  This new channel has many names: new media, social media, social networks, cloud computing, social commerce, socialnomics etc. etc.  Everyday a new term or new technology is introduced into the market and spun as the newest tool with massive reach and relevancy.  Regardless of the tool the bottom line is that the channel remains the same. The channel is people and they listen, watch and converse with other people. The people have rejected the old channels and they now are indeed the channel of choice.

If you are not on their channel or trying to get them to your channel you are missing the obvious. Get it?

What say you?

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