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Pull And It May Be Considered

When we are conversing with people and our conversation attracts others to engage in the dialog then the participants and topic of discussion may be considered the attraction.

On the other hand when we are conversing with someone and  someone else tries to “push” themselves  into the conversation then most people would consider it rude or anti-social.  Sound familiar?

Advertisers and marketers view social media as a channel to “promote” their offers. Social media is a communications channel for people communicating with other people, in other words conversing.  Viewing social media as an advertising channel is like viewing people’s conversations as targets to “shoot for” within the channel of social media.

We Are Not Targets

It appears as though marketers think all this social stuff gives them “rich targeted data” to “push” their message into our conversations.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs are all ripe “targets for Google ad sense, brand banners, offers etc. etc.  One wonders if these channels were indeed ripe for advertisers then why is it that 98% of the ads don’t “click”.  The data should speak for itself. A 98% failure rate to engage us in a conversation is a rejection of advertisers trying to “push” themselves into our conversations.

How Could Advertisers Pull?

The ultimate “pull” for brands and merchants is a customer referral. The advertising industry has known this for years and yet some how executives continue to approve of the old “push” method and spend billions while the data clearly shows a rejection to “push” methods.

To pull people to a product or service there has to be:

  1. Market Awareness
  2. Market Consideration
  3. Market Consumption
  4. Market Satisfaction
  5. Market Dialog & Referral

Awareness comes when people learn about who you are and what value you offer. Consideration comes when the market has a need and is aware that you may be able to meet that need. Consumption comes when the market uses your offering. Satisfaction comes when your offering meets or exceeds the markets need. Only after you’ve created awareness, consideration, consumption and satisfaction will the market begin to have dialog about their experience and share that with others (referral).

The old way of getting awareness was to leverage (push) mass media. However today the audience rejects mass media so it isn’t likely to pull the audience to you. Pushing yourself unto an audience isn’t an effective way to gain consideration. Consumption comes after awareness and consideration and your not likely to force consumption by pushing your offering down the throat of consumers. If your offering doesn’t fulfill a need and create better than expected experiences then your not likely to achieve market satisfaction. Without satisfaction any probable dialog and referral is not going to create the right kind of awareness you seek.

Creating pull is a lot harder than simply pushing your offering into peoples conversations. Even if you learned how to use social media to create pull and gain consideration from the audience, if you can’t satisfy a need beyond expectations you are not likely to create good dialog and referrals. Consider it!

What say you?

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