The ‘Social Media Card’ – Q & A Basics

by Tom Nilsen on 10/06/2009

blank mastercardWhat is the Social Media Card?

A New “Social Media Card” is at the centerpiece of an integrated approach to marketing and promotion, whereby Social Media Campaigns work in concert with elaborate, interactive marketing websites hosted by a famous person (ie. Entertainer), place (ie. College/Sports Team), or thing (ie. Charity)…what we call an ‘Affinity Host’. The Social Media Card is featured on the Affinity Host’s website for registration and purchase. This card is loaded with cash credits from various nationally known brand merchants (the value of the credits far exceeds the card cost). A continuously updated menu of cash credits appears on these socially interactive websites enabling simple ‘point n click’ acceptance and loading of cash to individual fan’s cards.

What is the difference between this and a gift card?

The differences are many and profound. The ‘Social Media Card’:

i.      …is a MasterCard; good anywhere (GC only good at one merchant)

ii.      …provides cash credits automatically (GC credit must be purchased)

iii.      …is supported by ‘community-based’ SM campaigns (GC has none)

iv.      … ‘Affinity Host’ customized (GC show store logo w/minor ‘affinity’)

v.      …supported by interactive point n click credit menu (GC has none)

vi.      …can be kept and used indefinitely (GC get tossed after balance spent)

vii.      …have full general-purpose payment functionality

Who benefits from such a card?

  • Everyone!
  • ‘Affinity’ Card Host
    • Face/Logo on widely held MasterCard
    • Enhanced Fame or loyal following; traffic driven to site (SM, Card Offers)
    • Enhanced Internet presence and connectivity w/fans or other loyal followers
    • New Revenue Streams from card sales and merchant/brand endorsement
    • Card can serve multiple purposes (card member discounts, special events, etc…)
  • Merchant/Brands
    • Connectivity with loyal audience->drive loyalty by association
    • Efficient spend on placement, advertising, and incentive redemption
    • Text/E-mail advertising w/relevant message
    • ‘Green’ paperless effort=PR opportunity
    • Direct or implied endorsement by Affinity HostConsumer/Fan/Cardholder
    • Category exclusivity
  • Consumer/Fan
    • Connectivity on multiple levels with ‘Affinity’ entity followed
    • Point n Click ease – adding cash credits for everyday shopping
    • High Value (often unconditional) Exclusive Offers
    • Member-only benefits (tbd by Card Host)
    • General purpose card functionality offered below generic card pricing

What is unique about this technology?

  • Everything described on card functionality is unique and proprietary
  • This is not MasterCard-based, nor Bank-based

If you’d like more information (this description only scratches the surface), feel free to drop me at note at [email protected] or find me under Tom Nilsen on

You can also learn more from the slide show below:


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