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Are You One of the Crazy Ones?

Some people think there is nothing to this thing called “social media“. Then there are those who think it means everything.

How we view things shapes our perspectives and subsequent actions we apply to life, business and relationships. Our actions can create change or resistance to change.  Change is created from communications. As a man speaks so shall it be….that is if enough people speak and think the same thing.

Social Media Conversations

Everyone, at least those paying attention, seems to be talking about social media and some are doing more than talking about it. Conversations about social media a fueling debate, stirring possibilities and changing how people think. When people change how and what they think they are enabled to see things differently. Subsequently when we can see things differently we are enabled to share what we see with others and collaborate around possibilities.  The possibilities of social media and its impact on how markets behave and people interact will fuel even more change…..stay tuned for “The Intention Economy”.

Some people think believing in something as simple as communications is crazy. While others begin to think about how communications can change everything and they create the crazy things others don’t believe in……at the click of a mouse.

Do you think you can create unheard of results from and with social media? Some say yes and some say no. In a group discussion on Linkedin titled “Social Media for Business is Crap” over 900 people responded with their perspectives (a record for Linkedin). Subsequently a group under that name on Linkedin was formed. Which perspective would you consider crazy?

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