Creating Social Media Value: Part 3

by Jay Deragon on 12/18/2009

Part 3 Value CreationThis is part of the “Creating Social Media Value”. ” Series.

We’ve covered Management & Administration, Listening & Learning and Part 3 is “Thinking & Planning.”

The objective of this part is to take what you’ve heard and learned and apply critical thinking in terms of what you should do with the use of social technology. Should do needs to be framed with an intent which will be reflected by your actions, words, presence and ongoing engagement with your market.

Telligent suggest there are 7 P’s to think about and plan for. These include purpose, people, places,process, platform, practices and participate.  Each of these seven thinking elements needs to be thought out, defined, understood and communicated to your entire organization before you begin to engage. To do anything less is to insure doing the wrong things and doing them wrong.

What Does It Mean To Think & Plan?

Thinking allows us to model our intent and to deal with it according to objectives, plans, ends and desires.  The world of on line conversations, communities and connections requires us to think through what we’ve learned in parts 1 &2 then apply the knowledge gained to our intents. As discusses previously the problem is that most organizations think that the web is a place to seek and find opportunities to serve their own self interest. If on the other hand we seek to find and fill the interest of others something super natural happens….the market will respond to our intent to serve..

Planning to serve is the critical factor that has to be woven into everything you do on-line and off-line. An intent to serve draws human nature to the communications which reflect that intent.  You see the reality is that we have to unlearn everything we’ve learned about markets, relations and creation of results. If you plan includes chasing, forcing and “pushing” for results the intent will be transparent and not considered relational, social or worthy efforts that create value.  Value is created from intent. Intent is reflected in behavior and communications. Today your intent is transparent and when it creates a negative experience the world is listening and learning from others.

On-line and off-line success comes from serving the interest of others. In part 2 you will seen plenty of opportunity to serve if you are listening and learning correctly. Part 1 will enable to create a presence in the marketplace waiting to be served. Thinking and planning should be focused on assessing the attributes of your organization, the value of your products and services and your market relations all in context to creating a sentiment of service and fulling that sentiment beyond expectation.  Thinking and planning starts and ends with your intent.

How To Think & Plan?

If we think about leveraging this thing called “social” and do so in context with what we think we know we will not learn what we need to know. Part 2 is a precursor to thinking and planning by learning what we don’t know but need to know. Only then can we think differently and plan with a new aim, to serve.

Thinking and planning effectively ultimately means things need to change. What will need to change first is how we think about markets, relations, business models and service.  The technology is the easy part. The thinking and planning is the hard part while at the same time the most important part.

What do you think?


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Creating Social Media Value: Part 3

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Creating Social Media Value: Part 3

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