There Is a Deeper Web

by Dan Robles on 12/06/2009

ISENLogoConversational Currency Blog continues to present  components of the Next Economic Paradigm as we spot the integrations.  We believe that one of these features is the Deep Web, estimated to be 500 times bigger than the surface web or “Google-verse”.

One way to get an idea of how the deep web is hidden from view is to perform any simple Google search except add the term “database”.   You immediately notice that an entirely different set of results appear – much of it is extremely interesting and useful.  If you do this several times over several terms you will soon ask yourself:

“Where can I find a database of databases?”

Now take your original search term and add “database of databases” to it and again an entirely new search result appears.  The results become highly localized and less organized.  The results show FAR LESS ADVERTISING and even a few more subscription based data enterprises.  But more than anything, the results give you an idea of how large the Deep Dark Web may be.

Now return to the surface web and visit your favorite blog.  Where exactly are bloggers getting their insights?  Follow the trail of references back to the sources (pass through Wikipedia and Forrester) and you will eventually wind up back at the Deep web.

Revenge of the Librarians

Now here comes Internous.  A technology start up by library Scientists who shines the light on the Deep Dark Web with a search engine concept that  combines both algorithmic search with human classification. By introducing a new standard called The Internet Search Environment Number, Internous will soon organize the database of databases.

The Next Economic Paradigm

Meanwhile, The Ingenesist Project has specified a parallel financial system with a currency similar to the dollar except backed by innovation instead of debt (both are a proxy for future productivity). In the specifications they call for a knowledge inventory system for what people in a community know (”what’s between there ears?”) as an requirement for a proxy for future productivity in a new financial system.  While nobody can predict exactly how this may eventually arise, we most certainly will watch new technologies such as the ISEN very carefully.

Special thanks to Matt Theobald.  Here is the Internous video – well worth the time!!


ComCom Girls December 8, 2009 at 4:54 pm

There Is a Deeper Web. Interesting read on the inner web. (via @simonmainwaring)

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There Is a Deeper Web. Interesting read on the inner web.

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There Is a Deeper Web

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New blog post: There Is a Deeper Web #socialmedia #Internous

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There Is a Deeper Web | The Relationship Economy……

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There Is a Deeper Web

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There Is a Deeper Web: Now here comes Internous. A technology start up by library Scientists who sh..
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