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Has The Social Meteor Hit You?

A meteor is something in the far distance streaming through the galaxies.  From Wikipedia: A meteoroid is a sand– to bouldersized particle of debris in the Solar System. The visible path of a meteoroid that enters Earth’s atmosphere is called a meteor.  The root word meteor comes from the Greek mete?ros, meaning “high in the air.” It is also commonly although erroneously called a shooting star.

Social media is like a meteor. For a lot of people it is something far away but they have heard about it from someone or somewhere or seen it in the distance of their attention spans.

Like a real meteor for a lot of people social media is “high in the air” and not relevant to what is going on in their immediate site. However, if a meteor gets close to earth the media will tell us about it and we begin to look up to catch a glimpse of something from outer  space.

What If a Meteor Hit Us?

If a meteor of any significant size ever hit the earth it would cause significant disruption and damage.  Typically meteors take shape early and a few “space watchers” track their path. These “space watchers” know about meteors before we even are aware of their possibilities to potentially cause damage and disruption. “Space watchers” are the few while the many sleep until the impending disruption is a real threat to survival and upon us.

The internet is kind of like space with a few people watching its moves and related implications. Early in its development the many weren’t even aware of this thing called the internet. Then it evolved and many are aware of its utility but not of its impending disruptive nature. Impending disruptive forces are only seen by those that understand and envision how the internet is and will continue to disrupt markets. Some see it ahead of time while others are shocked when it “hits”.

Who See’s It Ahead of Time?

In 2006 Doc Searls wrote: The problem is, we’ve been in a marketing economy for so long that we think it’s natural, not just normal. That’s why so many of us–even certified economists–continue to believe a free market is “your choice of silo”, each of which is designed more to trap customers than to serve them.

To borrow the language of geology, marketing economies flourished in the Mass Marketing period of the Industrial Era, both of which now are coming to an end. Comparably, tyrannosaurs flourished in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, both of which came to an end when a meteor smacked into the Yucatan and changed everything.

The meteor that ended the Mass Marketing period and the Industrial Era was the Internet. But instead of setting the old world on fire and killing off species, the Net gave every living thing a better world in which to do business and make culture. In pure business terms, the networked world is far better suited for markets than for marketing.

Notice the date Doc wrote this article, 2006! Now consider what has happen since then as a result of advancement in technology. Just consider what has happened in the last two years. And yet I talk to people everyday that have no clue that the social meteor has hit and markets are just now awakening to the tremors of disruption on the horizon. Tremors are usually a warning sign before a big quake.  Is your thinking is on the fault line? If so your business models and market relations are likely to become disrupted and damaged at the click of a mouse sometime really soon.  Look up, pay attention and you’ll see it coming with intentional purposes!

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