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Social Fringe Factor: Outside In

On the fringes of conversations lies innovation. Innovation is what changes dynamics, markets and human behavior. While we may think of innovation being a product or service in reality innovation begins with thinking which then is transformed into words.

Words carry power when the exchange of words creates new thinking which begets new action and a change in behavior.  If you haven’t notice social media represents an exchange of thoughts communicated in words, images and video’s which creates actions from the crowd.  The crowd then vets the thoughts expressed in multiple forms of media and then decides which “thoughts” are worthy of future consideration”.

Future Considerations Come From  the Fringe Factors

A large percentage of  “0n-line conversations” can be categorized as chatter about existing things. A small percentage of conversations can be categorized as things yet existing but possibly existing with the right thinking and subsequent actions. Before social technology, which wasn’t long ago, the masses really couldn’t exchange at the rate which exist today. Today nuggets of innovation rest in the smaller percentage of conversations that are discussing and observing how social media is changing dynamics, behavior and entire markets.

So what are you considering? If you are thinking from the inside your considerations are relevant to what is not what could be. If you are sitting and thinking on the fringes of the outside you are thinking what could be then making what could be a reality by collaborating with the crowd of others seeking what could be rather than what is.  All this social stuff merely accelerates the communications which stem from the thinking of the few rather than the many.

So unless you consider the fringe from the outside you will never be able to get out from the inside. Get it?

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