Why Social “Conductors” Will Win

by Jay Deragon on 02/19/2010

In the previous post we discussed why producers will lose. Now we will contrast why conductors will be the winners.

The optimum business model is one of embracing the “conductor” role aimed at providing people with “ideas, information and knowledge” they in turn can use to produce what they want with their community of friends and followers. Giving people the “right instruments to create their own communities” of conversations will ultimate lead to production of commerce.

A producer tries to “pull people” to their business. A conductor enables people to find the people, products and services they want, need or desire. A producer pulls people to their web site and the people are confronted with an anti-social experience and tricked into a “capture, control and frustrate” process. A conductor ensures that people are enabled to access, collaborate and share information seamlessly with no tricks, no intents to capture, control or frustrate people trying to use something to their benefit and the benefit of others.

What Does Win Mean to a Conductor?

Social conductors are focused on helping and enabling people to win. That is the overriding mission of their organization. Unless people can win then the organization will never win. Unless the community can win then there is no value to be conducted thus no role for the conductor. A social conductor is obsessed with finding ways to let people, markets and communities win.

On the opposing side is a producer who deems wining as meeting their goals, increasing results and subsequently everything evolves around those objectives.  The relationship between a producer and markets is marketing driven vs. relationally driven.  The producer looks at markets as places to get vs. places to give. The rules of the game of business are different for producers vs. conductors, they oppose each other.

The social conductor wins when people win and they focus on creative ways to facilitate wins for people. communities and markets. They know intrinsically that lasting results come from satisfying people beyond their expectations and respecting their relationship with people, internally and externally. The conductor views social technology as a new frontier to serve more people. The producer views social technology as a marketing medium to reach more people with their proposition.

The social conductor doesn’t worry about results or measuring social media rather they focus on measuring whether they are acting as the conductor on behalf of people. Social technology enables the conductor to do more with less and everything is done for the benefit and value of people. The conductor is focused on creation of value that people can use and measurement is centric to value improvements.

The social producer worries about results and measures everything they do with the aim of getting more by giving less. The differences between the conductor vs. the producer is what creates a win for the people they serve.

Given these scenarios which would do you think will win the most?


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