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Social Surplus vs. Demand

Knowledge is an Asset.  Deal with it.  I don’t care what the “definitions” by the Experts say about intangibles, the Patent System, Production Systems, Money, corporate bonds, marketing, advertising, or all the rest of that crap.  Knowledge is an asset, knowledge is the only asset that matters.  Period.

You can’t hold it in your hand, but you can hold it between your Ears

Yet, if you listen to mainstream media, our education system, politicians, and even college textbooks, everything else is the “asset” and human knowledge is treated like some expendable line item that is unworthy of economic development – or equality for that mattter.

Knowledge is invisible because there is no inventory. Why are we unable to see things like this? This is the most stunning cognitive deficit imaginable for the World’s most developed country. Why is this such an impossible philosophical chasm that we cannot seem to cross with our modern accounting system?

Now, what would happen if we did?  Perhaps we would find find a cognitive surplus.

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