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The Social Mass is as Usual

Facebook has dominated media headlines but the conflict over  users’ privacy has many concerned about the potential implication.

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that Facebook will be releasing users’ details to advertisers that want to target specific genders and age groups thus making us all “targets for hunting like animals“.

The average user of social networks does not understand nor have the attention to understand what they are doing by giving their data to Facebook and other similar networks. Worse the majority of users do not comprehend that what they do and say on these networks, or on-line, is a database of reference to who they are, what their character is and who they associate with.  In other words there is a significant lack of wisdom which in turn creates foolishness that follows people for a very very long time. Marketers understand the foolishness of human behavior not grounded in wisdom and take advantage of  “the foolish” for the sake of money.

Unveiling the Myth

In my earlier post titled “The Currency of Facebook Communities” an anonymous friend writes:  The mythologies we create become our future reality and then when the superficiality of that mythology is exposed it is overlaid with a commercially birthed mythological replacement. 

There is nothing wrong with advising business people how to serve the past, but there is something quite odious about telling them that this is the future.  The web was never a single destination, but it is only the old idea of human containment that propels us to create a virtual mass market.  This is not the future or the new force, it is simply the exercising of an old force and the key to the old force is that which transcends time, not that which is today’s empire.

A new force is based on new philosophies, where are these new philosophers – and if they are out there will they feast on the past or dine or redefine with the future? There is nothing unusual about business, it is all dollars and cents.  What is unusual is when we look within ourselves, then we find words like relationship, love and meaning – business is no more unusual than the force that we unleash within us – but the mass market, the mass is as usual as the usable used usual can be and has ever been.

What is Your Philosophy?

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems about matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing fundamental questions by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument.  The word “Philosophy” comes from the “Greek language” apoia, which literally means “love of wisdom“.

Our individual and collective future, good, bad and indifferent, comes from both the love of and lack of wisdom. Not understanding the commercial forces that drive the masses makes us one of the masses being led by those wishing to feast on our foolishness. Those that redefine the future will be those that apply new thinking, applied knowledge and creation of new value that the masses can consume without being used for short-term financial gains.

Short term thinking is the behavior that chases a result without thinking about long-term value. We’ve been hypnotized into applying short-term thinking to creation of value. It simply doesn’t work.

Long term value can produce financial results when and if the principles of production are grounded in systemic thinking.  Systemic thinking considers the value of relationships paramount to creation of any sound return. How and what do you think?

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