Can You Escape the Hit?

by Jay Deragon on 08/31/2010

The word “hit” implies many things.  People love to get “hits” to their blog and become obsessed with watching their traffic counts. The search engines track “hits” as a measure of popularity and relevance. In music and entertainment a hit is a song, album or movie that climbs to the top of the charts. In television a show is considered a “hit” based on viewers. Today “popular” people and brands  are ranked by the number of followers on Twitter and are considered a “hit” because of their popularity. Lets face it everyone wants to become a “Hit”.

Then there is the negative side of “hits”.  Brands get “hit” by consumers for doing stupid things with social media. Spammers try and “hit” everyone with tricks and traps aimed at capturing us and our money. Politicians get “hit” by the media for lying, stealing and cheating the public. Organizations are now getting “hit” by their employees revealing things to friends and competitors on Facebook, Twitter and on blogs. Employees spending time at work playing with social stuff are “hitting” productiviity at work.The “wisdom of the crowds” is now hitting corporate bureaucracies in real-time forcing reactions that only fuel the crowd to react even more.

Escaping Reality or Embracing it

The reality is you can create “hits” intentionally and unintentionally. You can’t avoid “hits” in the digital world but you can influence them. Influencing a “hit” is an art and science of thinking about how “crowds” may react to your hit, either positively or negatively. Thinking about how “crowds” will react is an art and science. The art is relevant to understanding the human network and what motivates them to “take a hit”. The science is understanding the impact of social technology on creating the impact of “hits”. You can say something stupid and get “hit”. You can try and be social while not even understanding the context and get hit. You can use social to market stuff but get “hit” when the consumers experience doesn’t reflect any context to being social.

In the 60’s Hippies used to take “hits” from bongs to get high and escape reality. Today 2.0 Hippies are using social technology to take and give hits to increase the markets consciousness about intentions of the human network. These intentions are anti-cultural, anti-establishment, and the opposite of marketing and old media tactics.

If you don’t understand well then you’ll get hit. If you do understand then your happy to take a hit. Pass it around, share it and maybe it will raise your conscientiousness 🙂


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[link to post] – Can You Escape the Hit?

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This was interesting Can You Escape the Hit? [link to post] #socialeconomy

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Can You Escape the Hit? – [link to post]

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Can You Escape the Hit? [link to post] #socialmedia

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