The Knowledge Inventory:Make A Bet Without Odds?

by Dan Robles on 08/01/2010

This is the fourth in a series of videos that specify the structure for Social Capitalism on a platform of social media.

The knowledge inventory is the most important part of Social Capitalism. It is also the only piece that will require everyone to think substantially differently about how we organize ourselves in on-line and local communities. Once we can get over that hurdle – it will be smooth sailing into the next economic paradigm.

I have a business plan for a for-profit start-up called which can build the knowledge inventory to a sufficient degree that it can reach a critical mass – did I mention that it is for profit? Let me know if you are interested in seeing this research.

Next videos will discuss the algorithm followed by the capitalization and securitization of Social Currency in a Social Capitalist system.

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The Knowledge Inventory:Make A Bet Without Odds? via The Relationship Economy – This is the fourth in a … [link to post]

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