Do You Believe in Popular Manipulation?

by Jay Deragon on 09/20/2010

Sometimes it seems like we are all puppets being manipulated by the puppeteer. Think about what influences our behavior. It is media that permeates our lives everywhere we turn and it influences our beliefs.

Behavior is the result of actions created by beliefs. Beliefs come from experiences that influences the four components of the human DNA. Our DNA is like capital waiting to be used to “produce” something with or for others. The four capital parts we each have are intellectual, social, creative and spiritual capital. (see The Emergence of the Know Profile)

These four elements represent the human DNA that determines our personal and collective productivity. Our personal and collective productivity represents an economy. An economy is fueled by rates of production and consumption. Consumption is influenced by media used to propagate the value of things  produced.

The Production Puppeteer

History shows us that when people or organizations produce things the more people  aware of “those things” and the represented value the more likely consumption of “those things” will increase. The “represented value” propagated via media becomes the “bait” to pull an audience into the “consumption hook“. Consumption represents transactional value measured both by economic and value gains.

Producers create media that attracts an audience to consume a message that relates to  value sought. Consumers see, hear, read and receive messages that appeal to their personal human DNA (the Know Profile). An effective message that pulls an audience towards consumption is one aimed at the audiences “beliefs”. In essence the production puppeteer aims and creates the puppets beliefs.

We are All Puppets or Puppeteer.

Human behavior is driven by beliefs. Beliefs are influenced and changed by knowledge. The “knowledge” of someone or something are used to attract us. Media propagates information about people and things. People  addicted to media and this thing called social media is fueling the addiction.

Productive or Non-Productive?

Our human DNA increases or decreases in productivity based on application of knowledge used to improve something. So with the data suggesting that society has become addicted to information propagated by media one must ask “are we using said media (and the related tools) to improve anything (i.e. productivity)?

Puppets are controlled by the puppeteer. We need to ask ourselves if the information that influences our behavior, those things and people we follow, is adding value to our knowledge inventory. Unless the media we consume increases our human capital (our Know profile) then all it is doing is reducing our capital (productivity).

Our beliefs become influenced by the puppeteer vying to control or influence our behavior. Behavior is the result of actions created by beliefs. Beliefs are created from experiences that influences the four components of the human DNA. Think whether who and what you believe helps increase your value to the human network.

Following the popular or self-appointed gurus who propagate information does not necessarily increase your knowledge or productivity. For the most part following information only makes you less productive.  Not thinking makes us a puppet of those wishing to control or influence us for their gains, not ours.

If who and what you follow doesn’t increase your knowledge and thus enable you to be more productive than you aren’t gaining any value, they are.


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Maria February 9, 2012 at 2:56 am

Thanks for the coemmnt. Gotta tell you: One Twitter expert said she auto-follows all who follow her – to the tune of 40,000+ followers. What is this, some love fest? I don’t have time to scan (hence the use of TweetDeck or TweetGrid), and I’m not shallow enough to feign interest.Got something good to say – consistently, and I’ll follow. Start telling me “Good morning, Tweeps,” or “Walked the dog and contemplated the universe,” and I’ll ditch, like quick.Be real. Be original. Don’t follow the masses (though aren’t we all, by virtue of our migrating to a service I bet has led to very little biz for 99.9% of users – myself probably included). And know when uncontrolled use of some silly fad is killing your business…

Slava September 21, 2010 at 12:04 am

“An economy is fueled by rates of production…”

Not really… look at USA.. there isn’t too much production nowadays… if any at all.

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