Social Currency Ends The Monopoly on Money

by Dan Robles on 09/19/2010

Monopoly 300x225  Alternate Currencies Ending The Monopoly on MoneyHundreds of community currencies are forming across the globe. Gaming currencies are jumping back into reality. Europeans communities are calling for the authority to print their own money arguing that the fractional reserve system is like trying to recover from a war by waging more war (a novel thought).

Many people doubt that the dollar has more than a decade or so of steam left as the interest on debts mythically exceeds the total amount of money on Earth (at least in my world). Yet banks march on, heading straight for the cliff.

Governments are polarized against themselves to solve any problem – except by reducing services to the people.  Do the math: Interest on debt can approach infinity while austerity measures can only approach zero.  You don’t need religion to predict that outcome.

But isn’t this why Governments exists in the first place – to provide social services? Are politicians suggesting their own elimination?  Of course not, so they issue press releases and have tea parties worth about as much as the photons they are broadcast on.

Meanwhile, corporate media is trying to dominate (and subdue) social media….ultimately, the end game will flip. This short video invites the status quo to look at what people are “doing and saying with their productivity”.

(editor’s note:  The language here is generalized to reflect trend not to endorse any system of finance)


KingofthePaupers September 22, 2010 at 3:58 am

Jct: It’s good hearing Dan Robles speak of the inevitability of interest-free community currencies.
Why represent our collateral with their chips for a fee (interest)?
When we can represent our collateral with our chips for free?

Dan Robles September 19, 2010 at 9:41 am

Mike; Thanks for the note. There is a recent article on the Ingenesist Project website called “How Obama Will Save The World” which hypothesizes on the flip a little more. Of course nobody can be certain about these things but we believe that a sudden flip should be avoided and we are building a parallel economic system that will hedge the dollar. Also find a video we made called “the Value Game” for an ideas for buying communities. The best outcome would be an orderly transitions between two systems (hence the monopoly). So you are definitely on the right path since you’ll have the ability to supply people with their daily needs in a local market regardless of what happens to the currency. Perhaps you could do us a favor and review our specifications for social capitalism and tell others about it. You’ll find that it largely reflects what people such as yourselves are already doing and organizes it into a “financial system” using the same calculus as Wall Street but with different “factors of production”. I look forward to hearing about your launch too. Thanks again for your efforts….

@mikeriddell62 September 19, 2010 at 7:20 am

I’m very interested in what you see, and how clearly you see it. Question for you: what will happen when the ‘game flips’ as you say it will? Is there anything we should be doing to help it flip, or prepare for the other side when it does?

We have a project underway here in the Uk which is using social media to create a localised buying club – all based round a community. It goes live in about six weeks and could be a model example of what forsee. I think it will be funded on the basis that if we save people a pound, then would be prepared to pay us ten pence.

Would appreciate your thoughts Dan, and keep up the good work.

cheers, Mike.

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