Social Purposes: Ours or Theirs

by Jay Deragon on 10/18/2010

When we encounter people and organizations the initial experience speaks volumes to their purpose. Our first experience with people and organizations is with their media. Media now reflects intentions that are immediately transparent and if not designed with a “social element” the experience reflects an anti-social purpose. Anti-social experiences are not relational.

What Is Your Purpose?

Purpose reflects a person or organizations thinking aimed at achieving a goal in a given system, whether human or machine. Its most general sense is the anticipated result which guides decision making in choosing appropriate actions within a range of strategies . Purpose serves the intent of ones actions which are reflected in subsequent communications that relate to said actions. In today’s eco-system of social media one’s purpose is detected by the context of the content people and organizations propagate. Content attracts us to a destination, your site, and when we get to your destination the experience better reflect our purpose, not yours.

What Is Our Purpose?

When people search for information, products or services the purpose is to meet a need or desire. Needs and desires are motivations to “find something”. When we think we’ve found something trying to up sell us with pop up ads, forced registrations or “capture techniques” is not in line with our purpose rather it reflects your purpose. Unless you purpose reflects ours there is no basis for a relationship. When there is no basis for a relationship we move on looking for solutions matching our initial purpose.

Brands and marketers need to wake up to the social reality that the intent of your media needs to be aimed at serving our purpose not yours. In a world where time and attention are scare it would be beneficial if the marketplace learned that serving our purpose is the foundation for a potential relationship. Transactions are motivated by service. There is a marketplace waiting to be served and that ought to be your first purpose.

Our rules of engagement are aimed at serving our purpose, not yours. What is your intent?

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