Tattle-Tale Economics

by Dan Robles on 10/02/2010

tattle Tattle Tale EconomicsSocial media used to be so cool – a way to bypass the mediated reality of editorialized content. Real people coming back with real ideas and real opportunities from the crystal clear waters cooperative community. Then legacy media and their ad-rev departments started to wonder “Hey, where did everyone go?” Marketer started saying, “Hey, these CPM numbers are all F***ed – is something cutting into our pie ?!?!?”

Then came the Social Media Gurus, like the tattle-tale kid brother intent on spoiling a perfectly good game of hide and seek, screeching: “There they are, there they are!!!….Can you see ‘em?…see, see, your customers are hiding under the table,… now, wait, they are in the shadows….quick!!! Can you see ‘em now?, look, there…by the way, pay my fee, buy my book, and did I mention my latest ‘keynote’ yet?”.

Next, the Gurus went mainstream as legacy media analysts!! Legacy media picked up the ball on the run-away ad spend. They glossed excessively on the “effects” but not the “causes” of social media. And, OH Gawd, what a nuisance all those bloggers are to the dignified art and science of professional journalism.

Facebook declared that people really want to share their personal details with the world, and a monster was born. So now we are stuck with Corporate Media revised. Data is scraped so they can find you. Images are reproduced infinitely. Lies and deception grow legs half way around the world before the truth can even be awakened from it’s slumber. Say one thing wrong and it haunts you forever.

Recently, social media has become a loaded gun in the tragic Rutgers University suicide case. Social Media amplified the colossal insensitivity and stupidity of a few teenagers leading to such turmoil that suicide became the only option for their “media object”.

Social Media has become another casualty of the broken financial system where people fight for artificial scarcity.  It is no longer a means to empower and enlighten, it is becoming another means to exploit and oppress.   Special recognition goes out to all the so-called social media gurus. I can’t blame them though, everyone has the right to make an honest living.

Call it tattle-tale economics.

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