And Now For A Completely Different Economy

by Dan Robles on 11/13/2010

Many people are asking the following question:  Is this just a regular old economic recession or is something completely different happening?  Conversational Currency and our affiliate researchers have long said that social media is siphoning off the old economy into a new form of economy.  People trade influence and options on information, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

Never before have people had so much power to enforce social priorities over wall street priorities.  The unit transaction is a conversation.  Conversational Currency is the next wealth creation mechanism.  Stay tuned as we will feature visionaries influencing the future of money

And Now For A Completely Different Economy

The Financial Reformation (Trailer, 2010) from Sean Park on Vimeo.


John Sullivan November 13, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Interesting as I was wondering why more people aren’t awake
that we are truly in strange days indeed.
I am up for some good change if that is somehow possible
given man’s current mindset which is disgusting to say the least.
Palin,Lohan,and so many our society makes rich and good smart people get SH*T
Surely Satan must be behind it all cause I see no evidence of God here or coming back any
time soon sadly.

Gabriele Maidecchi November 13, 2010 at 12:09 pm

I am not an expert in economics or recessions, but this one for sure has the potential to change things into something new, once and for all.
It’s up to us to make it a good or bad change, I think.

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