Tis The Social Season

by Jay Deragon on 12/24/2010

The social season has historically referred to the annual period when it is customary for members of the a social elite of society to hold debutante balls, dinner parties and large charity events. Today there is a different kind of “social elite” and their “social season” has arrived.

As we celebrate Christmas most people think of “gifts” and the spirit of the holiday, giving.  The giving is a social event that draws upon the human spirit to give something to another. The gift of giving is a spiritual reward for the giver and the receiver.  There is something about giving that “pulls” the human spirit up to a place that is “special, rewarding and transformational”. Transformational represents a change whether for a moment or permanently.

Historically much of the human network considers Christmas as that special time of year in which we experience the gift of giving. The time when “connecting with family and friends” and wishing them good cheer and a fruitful new year helps our spirits lift above the trials of the past and press on towards the adventurers of the future. All with the anticipation of receiving something anew.

While we seem to use Christmas as the time to give the reality is everyday of the year we can experience the same transformational power of giving if we have the right frame of mind and the benefit of relations. The fact is we can and ought to experience the transforming power of Christmas everyday of the year. It is simply a matter of choice.

Everyday Is A Social Season

The real power of social technology is the power to give. You simply get what you give. The gift we have to give to everyone is our life’s experiences, our knowledge, creativity and the transforming power of communications. Everyday I look for those gifts given to me by those I engage with. Everyone I engage with shares something which I consider valuable, their gifts. In return my mission is to give whatever I have, know and actions that give my relationships something of value. For me it is like Christmas everyday of the year and I am lifted up because of the experiences.

As we begin a new year if we would do so with the right frame of mind and the right spirit the transformational powers to change anything, everything for the benefit of everyone is endless. All it takes is thinking correctly and trusting the human network. We are all the “social elite” and each of us has something special to give, ourselves.

What say you? Ready to open gifts everyday? It is the Social Season to give. It’s up to you.

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