Relationship Economy Top Post of 2010

by Jay Deragon on 12/31/2010

It is the end of another year and we can make next year better by examining what may of worked this year.  Social media works based on what the audience says works for them. Based on what the audience finds worthy of their attention, attraction, affinity and related actions is one way of determining what works and doesn’t work in terms of serving an audience.

All that being said I’ve list the top post off this blog based on feedback, sharing and engagement. My intent is to study the context of the related content and the category of interest. From this analysis I will then be better prepared to think about the year ahead with the aim of improving on anything and everything that satisfies the intent of the audience.

Of course there are many other related measures that drive rate of interest and rate of return including:

  1. Distribution of content
  2. Presentation of content
  3. Relevancy of content

All of these should be considered and assessmed for anyone interesting in improving the ability to better serve an audience. If you have other analysis suggestions then please add them so we can learn and improve together.

Here are the top post of 2010 from this blog accordingly:

80/20 Rule: The Value of Human Interaction |

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