Awakening Ordinary People With Extraordinary Minds

by Jay Deragon on 12/14/2010

Most people realize less than 10% percent of their potential, while some rise to extraordinary heights by collaborating with ordinary minds.

Read the autobiographies of great achievers in any field – athletes, entrepreneurs, business leaders ­ and there is one great common denominator. They know that success comes from the inside out. They also know that the inside can be shaped from the outside.

External collaboration derives from an internal motivation. Success is a state of mind. An inner game where the only way you can become extraordinary is to allow your mind to be elevated by others.

Ordinary People With Extraordinary Minds

When ordinary people with extraordinary minds get together and collaborate around ideas of what can be that is better than what is the awakening begins. The process of collaboration, ideation and envisioning is optimized when ordinary people from diverse backgrounds share knowledge, experience and insight around ideas that are driven by a common vision and values all aimed at improving something, anything and everything.

There is a common thread of behavior characterized by seven attributes that makes  a group of ordinary people with ordinary minds create extraordinary change. Social media has become the foundation by which crowds of ordinary people find new knowledge created and shared by other ordinary people. When ordinary people find new knowledge extraordinary things can happen when collective efforts are pulled together by a common motivation.

The seven attributes than motivate ordinary people to come together and create extraordinary things are consistent with what makes any organization a success. These include:

  1. A Common Vision and Mission: A crowd can create extraordinary things when they see what can be done and the value of what can be done. The common vision and mission of the crowd  is that their ultimate goal is to create extraordinary improvement. They build causes; not businesses. They are crusaders, propelled by a vision to make the world a much better place, with conviction and perseverance to make it happen.
  2. A Set of Common Values: Values are often the unconscious motivators that shape our future and drive our actions and behavior. Ordinary people with extraordinary ideas are fanatical about the values for which their vision stands. Social interaction is not driven by profit motivations rather by  causes ­ that  create profits from principles. People no longer want to lose their soul for short term economic gain.
  3. A Set of Common Beliefs: Our beliefs form our inner “rules” in how we play the “game.” Crowds with common beliefs have inner “rule books”, spoken and unspoken, that enables their success.  The first belief is they can vs. they can’t achieve extraordinary things. Business as usual is no longer a common belief.  Crowds that create extraordinary things believe that “rules that try and control thinking are made to be broken.”
  4. Following Roads Less Traveled: Ordinary people creating extraordinary things are motivated by the journey rather than the destination. Extraordinary things achieved by ordinary people are about defying the odds, overcoming the greatest of challenges, journeying on roads less traveled. Extraordinary things don’t happen on ordinary roads rather on roads less traveled.
  5. They Decide to Do Extraordinary Things: Going from ordinary to extraordinary is a decision.  Those who create extraordinary achievements  makes a decision about the future they want to create. Today crowds of people desire to create extraordinary achievements.  With the empowerment of social media they are discovering channels of extraordinary thoughts from the wisdom of the crowd.
  6. They See The Long Road: Ordinary thinking has been molded to achieve short term results. Extraordinary thinking looks to what the future holds in light of creating innovations that overcomes ordinary things.  Extraordinary thinking is the culmination of consistent small steps over time with the aim of creating extraordinary things.Extraordinary thinkers know that people and markets migrate to extraordinary things and the people who create those things.
  7. They Identify With Extraordinary Things: How we “see” and who we identify ourselves with determines our ability to collective create extraordinary things. Crowd collaboration, at some point, awakens our collective true nature. While the crowd has learned from their past, they do not let the past define the future. Nor do they let social moments distract them from a vision of what the future holds . It is their constant quest to reinvent the current moment that catapults their thoughts to create a better future.

Social technology is enabling ordinary people with extraordinary minds to migrate to a new organization, the human network, from which we are witnessing extraordinary creations. If you don’t believe it just stop and take an inventory of extraordinary things that have been created within the last twelve months. You will find the results of ordinary people collaborating virtually with extraordinary minds.

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