Social’s Ripple Effect

by Jay Deragon on 01/07/2011

Being and using social has a ripple effect. The ripple effect in sociology can be observed how social interactions can affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction. Social technology fuels activities where information can be disseminated and passed from community to community to broaden it’s impact. The source of information being propagated is people, individuals and organizations using people to propagate information.

Quality of Information Reflects Acumen

An important element of individual and organizational ability to build productive market relations is the possession of social acumen that supports effective communication and relationships. Acumen implies a keen understanding of a subject matter or knowledge set required to accomplish a goal. The new dynamics of the social web is accelerating organizational and individual needs to gain social acumen. Social acumen reflects a keen understanding of the dynamics caused by interactive communications and relational connectivity fueled by social technologies and the subsequent impact on business as unusual.

Effective communication skills and productive relationships go hand in hand to producing positive results. The  skills required for organizations and individuals to understand the significance of making connections through effective communications are uncommon vs. common in the marketplace .This is transparent when you consider the use of Twitter with 80% of the information propagated is neither effective nor relational. This is also transparent in how brands use social media and media in general. A rejection rate of “social ads” on Facebook being 96%+ suggest how ineffective and non relational these communications are in today’s “connected marketplace”.

Organizational and Community Acumen

Organizations need to  understand that the very nature of social technology supports a collaborative culture, facilitated by effective communication dynamics, and builds upon a shared and open vision of “collaborating and learning together”. Ensuring functional relationships is critical for any business or individual to interact effectively with any marketplace.  The social web is redefining the elements of what is and isn’t a functional relationship.

What Are Functional Relationships?

Functional relationships are formed by communicating a shared vision and values. From common vision and values communications flow productively towards a common defined as well as undefined goal. Just observe how communications on Twitter flow and migrate to others who have common visions and value that relate to any specific topic being shared. These common communications create  a sense of shared vision and values which form a sense of shared ownership of the possible outcomes. This dynamic strengthens relationships and contributes to a sharing culture that is productive and is self lead.

It is the new paradigm of “virtual organizations” forming on the web without organization that is usual to traditional business mindsets. The organization of relationships created from communications that reflect shared values and vision becomes the new organization without authority in the traditional sense.

The Ripple Effects of Social Acumen

The self organized organizations naturally communicate values and vision that are transparent, authentic, and consistent with decisions to participate and the subsequent related actions. Have you seen how quickly people get organized around a cause, a message or issue of importance to the “crowd”? Why does this happen? It is because of shared values and visions that are the glue that pulls “crowds together” into organized efforts that are influencing markets, governments and our global society.

It will become more and more important  that traditional organizations are able to communicate the value base from which they operate and “connect” with the value base of others who share a common vision. The  “ripple effect” of creating social acumen will attract the relevant “crowds” and by contributing positively to their vision and values you will create a “connection” to your business. Unless you have a social acumen you will not be able to connect with the crowds.

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Great tips for business marketers on the importance of being transparent, authentic, and consistent in your online interactions.

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