What Will You Say This Year?

by Jay Deragon on 01/02/2011

The human network has had a lot to say in 2010. Much of what has been said is regurgitation of what someone else had said or something we already knew.  A few have actual said something original, meaningful and significant. The later represents the valuable contributions of the few while the former represents old knowledge spun in different ways with different tools by the many.

Social technology is permeating everything in our lives. It seems that every medium of media has integrated social into the message. The Facebook craze has pulled over 500 million people into use of social technology for multiple purposes. Humanity is experiencing connectivity to the human network like never before in history.

Saying Something Significant

Social media are communications and given its reach and influence the things said that are significant are the things that influence humanity.

The challenge for all of us is to think about creating, sharing and distributing significance. Significance can be something as simply as “Thank you” or an expression of appreciation. It can also be thoughts that add value to a subject matter of interest. Whatever it is the term “significance” will take on new meaning in 2011 and beyond. Significance will not be measured by popularity, Klout or any other current measurement metrics that seems to be stirring a race for diminished significance. The only measure of significance is the impact and value of what we say on the human network, one to one or millions.

Umair Haque writes: Social is significance. The real promise of social tools is societal, not just relational; is significance, not just attention. You’ve got to get the first right before you tackle the second — and that means not just investing in “gamification,” a Twitter account, or a Facebook group. It means thinking more carefully how to utilize those tools to get a tiny bit (or a heckuva lot) more significant, and starting to mean something in enduring terms. The deepest test of a 21st century business isn’t just whether it glitters, but whether it can create thick value, that endures, benefits, and multiplies: whether it matters.

The challenge for all of us in 2011 is to find significant and meaningful things to say, share and create that has enduring meaning to the human network.

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dominique January 3, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Thanks for this post.

Significance is clearly critical. What I’d like to add is that significant is “local to a tribe” and not universal. So, the pre-requisite for individuals and brand is to make strategic choices of who they are going to target and who they are not going to write for, engage with and develop value for.

It’s to me one of the great mystery of social media that marketers embrace it without going thru the basics of marketing: segmentation, development of specific value propositions and strategies that are different for the different audiences.


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