Do You Associate?

by Jay Deragon on 02/16/2011

Associating is a cognitive skill that allows creative people to make connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas. Past thinking and management mentality has encouraged dis-association of information, knowledge and ideas that do not fit into the silos of thought. Thus creative problem solving and innovation have been squashed.

Social technology breaks down the silos by enabling sharing, engagement and exchange of thought.  People who have never met are attracted by the thoughts of other people and subsequently there is a cognitive connection to creativity outside of the historical “containers and influence” of control over thinking. With billions of conversation daily, propagation of thoughts and connectivity with the larger human network creativity is exploding.

From Thoughts to Actions

Until I read something innovative and creative I never knew what could be done rather the only reference I had was what can’t be done. My reference was limited to my experiences and knowledge I had gained over time.  Now my experiences are unlimited and the ability to learn is only limited by time.  When people learn something new, especially how to think differently, the process releases cognitive creativity which has no limitation accept experiences and old knowledge. However, the more we experience and learn the more creative we can become. Creativity is something we all have but is has been squashed because of barriers which have limited our ability to associate. Creativity is a natural gift by which we learn to associate. Consider how children learn new thinking and association skills.

What the social web is doing is unleashing creativity caused by the magnetic pulls to conversations that enable us to associate freely with no barriers, constraints or authorities telling us what and who to associate with.

So do you associate? The answer is we all do and we all have free will to determine who, what, when, how and why we associate.  Choose the right people and things to associate with and you’ll unleash the child like curiosity to discover a new world of possibilities. Most everyone associates with innovation because it is born from creativity.  Associating with old thinking and old models that define the world we live in only limits the possibilities of the world we live in.

Innovate, create and put those thoughts into action. Doing so ensures a new world of possibilities. Not doing so ensures limited possibilities which reinforces the old and prohibits the new from being born.

The reason we created Social Flights is because it is innovative, creative and allows more below to experience what used to be impossible. You can afford to fly on a private aircraft once you learn how to associate to the possibilities. Once you can associate to it you’ll want everyone to as well.

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