On Demand Flights for You & Friends

by Jay Deragon on 02/10/2011

Air travel has become a painful and costly experience. In addition the entire experience from start to end is anti-social.

The stress on commercial air travel is opening up opportunities for the private aviation industry to innovate and expand it market to millions rather than the few.

This initiative is called Social Flights and will launch this in beta today. Social Flights is a technological platform that enables people to self aggregate “crowds” of people to collectively buy up seats on a variety of private jets.  Using social technology Social Flights will enable individuals to buy a seat on a private jet and collaborate with others whose intent is to travel to specific locations during similar time frames and locations.

An Example of the Supply & Demand

Nashville airport serve over 1,000 people per day going to and from Nashville and New York. Most of these flights are connecting through other airport hubs causing lengthy flights, delays do to security and increase cost to consumers. The true cost of air travel includes lost productivity, increased cost and abysmal experiences for business travelers. The flight from Nashville to New York is but one example out of thousands. We have identified over 17,000 private aircraft throughout the USA that are currently under utilized. We intend to help operators and travelers optimize these assets.

There  a mass market of  travelers who would use alternative air travel options if there were any. Now there is and Social Flights intents on filling the demand and creating demand from weary  travelers looking but not aware of an alternative productive way to travel.

Commercial airlines serve 500 airports while private aviation serves 5,000. By utilizing social technology we can now match up traveler intents with aircraft, locations, events and groups of people with similar intents. In other words by giving the market the ability to self aggregate intents, relations and travel plans we can reduce the cost of private aviation and make it available to a larger market.

Most people never thought they could afford to fly on a private aircraft. Not unlike the fact that most people never thought the web would ever become social. Now most people can afford to fly on a private aircraft and the social web makes all this possible.

Try it, you’ll love it. Check out Social Flights and invite all your friends to fly with you.

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PS: Be patient with us, this is in Beta and needs your feedback


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