Social Flights: From Beta to Better

by Jay Deragon on 02/11/2011

Launching innovation can be a daunting task. Every iteration of taking an idea and moving it to reality spawns even more ideas. You can stand still in adding ideas to your original idea or you can launch the idea and add to it as it grows. We decided to launch and add rather than stand still.

The beta version of Social Flights starts by enabling consumers to consider flying on private aircraft vs. commercial airlines. Our original theory was that “selling seats” and enabling consumers to create on demand flights would bring value to the market of travelers. We tested our theory, found ways to lower the cost and present the better way to travel using social technology as the backbone for communicating with multiple markets of interest. Prior to launching this site we actually engaged with several people, presented the option and enabled them to try us out. Here were the results:

One person on Facebook invited their friends to fly to a college football bowl game. To our surprise that one person attracted over 100 people to aggregate their travel intentions and use Social Flights to acquire three private aircraft to take the “travel tribe” to and from the game. The cost per passenger was less than $400 per seat and everyone who participated said the “experience was priceless”.

One young man invited his friends to go to a University of TN football game. Collectively they filled a 30 passenger aircraft with a round trip cost to each individual of less than $200. Now this tribe is planning their next adventure using Social Flights.

A large family stranded in New York due to snow storms and needed to get to a schedule family reunion in South America. The airlines indicated they would likely be stuck in New York for several days. Disappointed, frustrated and strained Social Flights had the solution. Transporting the family to an alternative private airport we were able to fly out of the mess within hours. The family made it to the reunion while everyone else in New York travel mess had to hang out and even find chairs to sleep in.

Social Flights provide viable alternative to air travel. While commercial aviation serves 500 airports Social Flights serves 5,000. The largest commercial airline has over 500 jets available. Social Flights has access to over 15,000 private aircraft. Most commercial airlines travel through hub and spoke cities. Social Flights travels directly to your destination. Commercial airlines have consistent delays and the experience costs you more than the price of the ticket. It costs you time and lost productivity. Social Flights saves you time, increases productivity and the experience is social, refreshing and addictive. Many say once you go private you’ll never want to go back to commercial.

Beyond Beta

Our initial testing and subsequent feedback confirmed our theory, our business model and the response from participants was greater than expected. Simply put they fell in love with Social Flights and intend on coming back every time they need to travel. So we decided not to wait until we had everything figured out, every cool function and feature built and additional value added offerings that coincide with travel. We simply decided to launch with our core offering then add on all our other ideas over time and more importantly allow others with ideas to join us on our journey to revolutionizing air travel for the good of the traveler, you.

Our initial intent beyond beta is to add functions and features that enable our users to invite, share and engage with others. Additionally we are already forming partnerships with associations, affinity groups and independent developers who see the opportunity and want to join the revolution.

So we ask you to be patient, tell us what you’d like to see and invite your friends to do the same. If you’ve never flown on a private aircraft you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how incredible the experience is. One last thing, grab some friends, grab some seats and try flying like you never have before.

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T.Morgan Hutton March 11, 2011 at 6:56 pm

would like to find out about flights to gwinett co ga, or atlanta area for 4-1-11 to 4-3-11 but will not give me information. Please e-mail thanks

T.Morgan Hutton March 11, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Please place me on your e-mail list for flights to: Dallas,Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Norfolk,,Virginia. Thank you. T. M. [email protected]

Brian Driggs February 11, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I really like this idea. I only wish I knew more people locally who would want to do something like this. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the people I would travel with would be going to a central destination from multiple others. Doesn’t seem like that works with this model. (Not that I expected it to.)

Even so, if the family needs/wants to go somewhere together, this could be a fantastic opportunity and I will definitely mention it.

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