Why We Created Social Flights

by Jay Deragon on 02/15/2011

When it comes to air travel today, no one enjoys it. On time is a rarity; but, one thing is always certain: even if things are on time, you’ll still waste a lot of time.

Can You Relate to This?

A business traveler had to be in New York City for 10:00 am meeting. The traveler lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and none of the commercial airlines had flights that would get him to New York that morning early enough for his meeting. Subsequently, he was forced to fly in the night before.

He had to leave home two hours prior to departure to get to the airport to park his car, check in and get through security in time to catch his flight.  The flight to New York took five hours because of delays and connections. Upon arriving he had to spend $75 on a cab and 45 minutes to get to his hotel which cost $210 for one night’s stay. The next day, he spent $25 on a simple breakfast and $40 to get from the hotel to his meeting place in New York.

After the meeting, he had to take yet another $75 cab ride back to the airport two hours early in order to get through security. Then, the flight was delayed.  The trip home took another five hours because of delays and connections. Finally, he paid $20 for parking.  He arrived home late that night, tired and worn out.  His productivity level the following day was affected and it took him a full day to get back into my normal healthy routine.

The airline ticket was $589, parking, hotel and meals totaled close to $500, making 0ut-of-pocket cost total over $1,000. However, the higher cost was his time. From start to finish, he spent a total of 18 useless hours (not including sleep time the night before) traveling to a two hour meeting. The cost of his time and the inconvenient experiences far exceeded the out-of-pocket cost of travel.

Commercial Air Travel is Broken

The cost to the U.S. public for a broken air travel system is enormous.

  1. over 140 million hours of lost passenger time per year, costing businesses over $4 Billion annually.
  2. U.S. tourism industry has lost 200,000 jobs and $98 billion in revenue because of the poor quality of our national transportation service.
  3. losses in U.S. travel-time productivity is only the tip of the iceberg. Billions are lost every year on our personal well-being and the stress caused by the existing “system” of air travel.

Is There A Better Way?

There hasn’t been; so, we created Social Flights.
In the example of the Nashville to New York business trip, the traveler could have left the morning of his meeting rather than the night before. Additionally, he could have been home that afternoon and enjoyed dinner with his family.
How could he have done this? Using Social Flights, this traveler could have created his own airline using one of our private jets. He could have reached out to other regular Nashville to New York travelers and invited them to join him on his airline. He could have simply started a four or eight seat airline, allowing him and his fellow passengers to fly to New York and back for under $1,000 each. They would have saved time, money and frustration,  And, best of all, they would have been home in time for dinner with their families.  Sound impossible? It isn’t and using Social Flights makes it easy, given the reach of social technology and the “connectivity” to friends and associates.
That is why we started Social Flights: to provide a much better air travel experience than has ever before been afforded to the masses. Social Flights  will revolutionize air travel for everyone wanting to go anywhere.
Consider this:
  1. Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure
  2. Free parking for your vehicle
  3. All first class seating
  4. Arrive closer to your destination
  5. First class, consierge service
  6. Save time (which translates to money)
  7. Travel with friends and business associates with common travel plans
  8. Connect with friends and fly to an out-of-town sporting event
  9. G0 anywhere, anytime  – based on your terms of service, not others’
  10. Imagine no more because Social Flights makes everything possible.
Social Flights, it is about time.


Cathy Moha August 31, 2011 at 9:40 am

Your company could be a great partner to provide a better service and / or assistance to my customers. We could both benefit from mutual partnership.
Please contact me for further discussion.

Cathy Moha
CEO Assistourist

Cathy Moha August 31, 2011 at 9:25 am

Your company could be a great partner to provide a better service and / or assistance to my customers. We could both benefit from mutual partnership. Please contact me for further discussion.

Cathy Moha
CEO Assistourist

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