Are YOU The Creator of YOUR Own Content?

by Dan Robles on 03/18/2011

Whether you are a product vendor or an every day citizen, Social Media is becoming an increasingly important part of your life.  The key to social media success is in the quality and quantity of MEANINGFUL and AUTHENTIC connections with others and their environment.  Creating authenticity is an active social task that requires affinity toward something, attraction with other people, an actionable social activity, and an audience interested in the results.

Influence yourself and you’ll influence others

When trying to gain influence through social media, the key is to attach yourself to an important contextual setting that people care about.  Creating worthy content is the most difficult part of participating in the social media phenomenon.  The mechanics of sending a tweet or posting a blog article is quite easy – the hard part is having something interesting to say that other people care about.

Social Flights is built on a Social Value Game.

People play The Value Game by interacting around a shared asset – specifically a private turbine powered aircraft that lift them off to the new and important missions than Commercial Airlines could ever accomplish.  Everything associated with the adventure of Social Flights is attached to the context of real and meaningful true-life experience.

Live it, then give it

Destinations, events, families, holidays, reunions, tours, entertainment, weather, traffic, and community activities of all types are important content for the context of private travel. Every twist and turn is a reportable event.  Every person that you meet will be a part of your community; every event that you attend will become relevant to those who follow.

Join, show up, and live beyond your boundaries

Joining a travel tribe at Social Flights opens you up to a new world of people who share a common interest with you.  Every single person who is in your geographic location and intends to go to the same geographic location as you has something to share – guaranteed.  People who share geography also share social topography – that is a view of the social landscape.

The Test of Time is Nothing New

No matter what happens to you on a social flight, it will represent new content for your blog, your twitter stream, and your life – so write the book or have it written for you.  You are the Creator of Your own Content. Create with Social Flights

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