Creating the Unexpected

by Jay Deragon on 03/09/2011

When things happen as expected the impression is well what we expected. However, when things happen that are unexpected we are engaged to either solve a problem or delight in the unexpected experience. An unexpected experience can be either delightful or disappointing.  Creating the experience is the job of the supplier. Being delighted or disappointed is the buyers reaction to the experience.

The Web Of Expectations

Most of us have expectations about anything, everything, anyone and everyone. These expectations are formed by our own mental models created from experience or molded anticipations based on what we’d expect to get.  All expectations are individually created and collectively experienced. Expectations are also molded by the influence of others and what they have experienced with people, things and processes. Our individual expectations can be preconceived by what friends, peers and followers share with us. Expectations are influenced by others like seeds in our brains shaping our perceptions of what to expect.

What Does Social Media Do To Expectations?

As more and more people use social media they express opinions, wants, desires and needs. When you monitor the conversations one can see information that influences others and in many cases sets or raises expectations. Once expectations are raised it expands individual and collective knowledge and what is and what isn’t possible as well as what is acceptable and unacceptable.

Think about any problem or constraint we have personally and professionally. To remove the constraint it takes new knowledge or learning of new methods. Once knowledge is applied creativity kicks in to use the new knowledge to remove constraints to old problems by creating new solutions either not known or previously undiscovered.   Social media accelerates the learning curve and awareness of solutions to personal and professional problems.

Who Has The Solutions?

We all  discover that the more people we connect with and the more conversations we observe and participate in the more opportunity there is to learn and discover solutions. The value of solutions are both individual as well as collective to a larger sphere of influence a particular solution may apply. One person can discover new methods, technology and knowledge that can deliver solutions sot by an individual or a crowd.  As more people become connected the natural affinity to topics, industries, content and social causes creates a natural migration to finding answers to specific problems that constrain an individual or a collective group of people.   Once a solution is found social media enables said solutions to go “viral” and touch more people, businesses and society faster than ever before.

The convergence of conversations enables us all to both create and find solutions that impact us individually and collectively. The power of communications and creativity amongst people facilitates convergent solutions to any problem, constraint or social concern. This dynamic is emerging as a powerful force of change never before witnessed or experienced in the history of mankind. No one individual has the one solution rather the convergence of conversations create “crowd solutions”.

Social media is largely being used as a new marketing and public relations medium however there is a much larger purpose emerging as more and more people discover what others have learned, experienced or knowledge shared which can be applied. The future of our world is shaped by knowledge which is distributed through the mediums of conversations. Today conversations have been empowered by social technology which has a reach beyond any other communications medium experienced in history.

Knowledge has a way of changing the world by applying new solutions to old problems. The irony is that solutions take time to change old paradigms and it is our individual mind sets that create the greatest constraint to change. Thus, the more people become connected the greater chance we have of changing old paradigms by sharing solutions through conversations, one to one to millions. The power of a “crowd” is the fuel behind creating waves of needed changes that can solve old problems that constrain personal and professional progress.

If you want to make progress join the conversations and learn then apply. Soon your expectations will change and you’ll be delighted to learn the unexpected solutions to everyday problems.



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Dick Davies March 9, 2011 at 10:17 am

What we want is partially created by those around us. All teh more reason to pay attention to the people we choose to be around.

Excellent post, Jay! You are mining a rich vein!

Thank you,

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