Inhaling Social Media

by Jay Deragon on 03/02/2011

Sometimes when you read, hear or watch something you wonder if these people are smoking dope or what. Dope influences the brain and the influence can cause hallucinations.

Hallucinations involve distorted or misinterpreted real perception. Hallucinations do not mimic real perception. Hallucinations sometimes reflect “delusional perceptions”, in which a correctly sensed and interpreted genuine perception is given some additional (and typically bizarre) significance.

Now put this definition into context of social media and how and what some people and entire organizations are using it for. Add to the increased demand for hiring people with “social media experience”, whatever that is, and you have to wonder just what dope are people smoking.

Using Dope?

In the past and today people use dope to get high, to escape reality and to bury stress. Much of dope use comes from influence of friends and society. So lets put these uses into perspective of using social media and some common behaviors.

To Get High:

  1. Hey our competitors are using it so we need to or we’ll look stupid.
  2. Hey this stuff is cool, look how many people are following us.
  3. Hey look at all the traffic we are getting from our Tweets.
  4. Hey our blog got recognition and our rank went up on (name the badge).
  5. Hey, so and so mentioned us and retweeted our post, how cool.
  6. We just hired Joe or Joan Social, now everyone will follow us.
  7. Hey we just discovered a new tool that will accelerate our content….most don’t even know about the tool.
  8. Hey, I think we just figured out something about social that no one else knows. Now watch the traffic from this post.
  9. Hey, lets copy Pepsi Refresh and give away money to our followers. After all it is a gift economy. What? You don’t understand?
  10. My guess is Facebook will own Google sooner than later. We need to add stuff to our Fan page and get more followers.

To Escape Reality

  1. Money from social media? Watch how much we’ll sell this month from Twitter and Facebook. No, we can’t measure that but we know that is what is causing sales to increase.
  2. You want more sales well just push out more ads on Facebook.
  3. Hurry up and hire someone that understands this social stuff. Once they are hired we’ll make them the face on our brand everywhere and oh yeah make sure they Tweet for me as well.
  4. We need a group in Linkedin, Facebook, List on Twiiter, Community in Ning and we need to get the tech guys to create our own community. Then we can suck all our customers into these places and capture their attention and emails.
  5. Make sure our TV ads tell people to follow us on Twitter. Why? Because we need to collect people. Why I don’t know yet but when I do I’ll be sure to educate you.

To Bury Stress

  1. Using all this social stuff is well social. I’d rather talk to my friends than do my work.
  2. Honey, not right now I am busy chatting with people I don’t know on Facebook.
  3. Oh great, corporate wants to create a social policy to tell us what we can’t do on-line. Who really cares, I’ll just set up a new profile with a bogus name or slip some friends some juicy information and let them Tweet it.
  4. I like all this social stuff because now I have a voice and no one can shut me up regardless of what I say.
  5. You want me to produce results with this stuff? You simply don’t understand the nature of all things social so how can I explain to you that which you don’t understand?

Sound familiar?

Maybe not in those specific words but based on the markets demand for all things social and the subsequent activities created one must wonder what social dope everyone is smoking.

Excuse me while I take a hit from my Tweet friends.

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