Is Integrated Marketing Achievable in Social Media?

by Jay Deragon on 03/19/2011

According to the American Marketing Association, integrated marketing communications is “a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.”

The Social Media Curve Ball

Unfortunately, Social Media is impossible to control and many an integrated marketing campaign has fallen flat or been shot down by some YouTube revelation.

Furthermore, old demographic data is proving to be an inadequate predictor of a person’s on-line exposures and behaviors.  Past behavior is increasingly less relevant as an indicator of future behavior.  In fact, many “past linkages” are in fact spent linkages.  Things move way too fast in social media for a long-term integrated marketing program to be as predictable as the profession may claim.

Social Flight Integrates the Market

Perhaps you cannot control the brand image through integrated marketing, but you can communicate the brand image within an integrated market.  By segmenting a vertical along “door-to-door” value of a travel experience  – instead of, say, life-style, gender, or income demographics – a more integrated market is presented to the campaign.

Lend a helping hand to a traveler in need

A social Flights traveler will need help avoiding congested airports.  They will need help securing reliable ground transportation and gaining social access at their destination.  Social Flight travel tribes will need help being connected and transported to hospitality, family, and experience events.  Brands can establish themselves by integrating REAL communities, not by segmenting FALSE Communities.

The Travel Tribe will need to be outfitted, handled, entertained, relaxed, and returned to their homes at the end of the trip.  They will travel with friends and are highly connected to social media applications.  Most importantly, Travel Tribes are extremely loyal to the brand that delivers a premium experience at a “true value” cost that is superior to commercial airlines and big-city congestion.

Become a Travel Trader

Contact Social Flights to see how your company can participate in helping our customers have the experience of their lifetime. Participate in Travel Trader programs including product placement, discount coupons, and on-line value exchange forums. Fly with Social Flights and get all the “Integration” without all the “marketing”

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