Social Flights Delivers “Time Value” To Conferences

by Dan Robles on 03/26/2011

Conferences and Trade shows are an important part of a company’s marketing and growth strategy but only if the return on the investment in participating can be measured and justified. Likewise, trade show, conference, and event organizers are constantly seeking new ways to add value to their event in order to draw highest quality guests, sponsors, and speakers.

Introducing Social Flights; America’s newest travel option.

Using advanced Social Media technology, Social Flights allows people in a community to form “Travel Tribes”, or communities with similar travel intensions, to find each other and share a private jet or turbine aircraft to attend an event. Social flights can fly an attendee, speaker, or sponsor in and out in the same day through municipal terminals with no waiting, delays, harassment, or tight connections.

Travel time, physical discomfort, and time away from home sitting in a hotel room are the greatest frictions to attending any show for any reason. Most attendees need to factor in two days with extra overnights to accommodate the commercial airline routes and schedules. Often the travel time exceeds the length of the engagement!

Win Win Win with Social Flights

  • The speaker wins because they can get back to the corporate office or on to another engagement.
  • The attendees win because they can shorten their trip and meet new people
  • Event planners win because they can attract a premium audience and often hold the event away from an expensive city hub; and closer to a National Park, Championship Golf course, or Ski Area, for example.

Money is Time

Time is the truest scarcity in business and there are literally thousands of trade shows,conferences, and summits for both the prospective audience and panelist to choose from. After a while, they all look the same and the “time value” becomes the most important factor. People will always respond to the greatest networking opportunity. The relationships formed in a travel tribe will last forever.

Contact Social Flights ( and we’ll show you how to integrate your event or travel schedule around private aviation and Travel Tribe Communities to increase profit, efficiency, and most importantly: Time Value

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