10 Things You Must ReThink

by Jay Deragon on 04/12/2011

The faster things change– the more we adapt to acceleration – the less time we have to think about the other options.

The faster the social web grows and creates widespread influence across global markets the more accelerated the potential disruptions become. Some say this will take ten years to realize the full impact of what we are witnessing while others don’t even recognize the changes happening around the them. When we forget how business is and has been – and instead, focus on what business can be and should be – then we can rediscover and reignite new paths to thinking.

In order to discover the new paths there are ten things we must constantly rethink. These are:

  1. What we think is important today becomes irrelevant tomorrow. Think about what is relevant tomorrow
  2. What is the true value you create? True value is more than the price. You can’t discover your true value unless you listen more than you speak.
  3. Gathering followers isn’t the same as forming relationships. A tribe can create change faster than a crowd. Think about tribes.
  4. Learning isn’t popular but the popular influence learning. If you want to be popular finds ways to share new knowledge.
  5. Knowledge doesn’t come from reading it comes from experience in thinking. Experience takes time. Reading the popular tweets steals time.
  6. Most old market theories are being proved as wrong. Don’t act on old theories. Instead contemplate or speculate, as opposed to act and you’ll discover the innovation needed to set you apart from the crowd.
  7. What can’t be done is the opportunity. What is being done is the constraint.
  8. The answer to your most perplexing problems is simple. The complexity is a result of thinking inside out rather than outside in.
  9. Retroactive management emphasizes the bottom line. Proactive management emphasizes improvement in process.
  10. Leadership is about helping people do anything, everything and without constraints. Service comes from serving not servants.

Rethinking is the Manifesto of the 21st Century. Holding on to old thinking models is the quickest path to failure. Everyone must rethink why we do what we have been doing. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and believing you’ll get better results.  What you are doing with social technology is simply repeating old methods and thinking it will produce something. Only a few are producing something of meaningful value with social technology. The many are simply producing distraction which steals time and productivity.

To be productive and create meaningful value requires us to be in a constant state of rethinking.

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