Top Ten Expectations of Social

by Jay Deragon on 04/20/2011

We all expect a lot of things, Whether it be from our spouses, children, colleagues, politicians or the marketplace we have certain expectations.  Expectations influence everyone, everything and when expectations are not met shift happens.

In the world of all things social expectations from users are changing. Unless you understand these changing expectations you will find yourself doing anti-social things. Anti-social behavior is the fastest way to push the market away from you rather than pulling the market to you.  Pulling the market to you is not expected rather it is simply the results of doing the right things for the right reason.

Pulling markets to you is not about using common tricks of the trade rather it is about sharing content that helps the human network think about the human networks expectations.  We are all customers of each other however we are not selling anything rather we are sharing everything.  What we share can be what the market expects and wants or what the human network expects and wants. Two totally different expectations.

Markets expect us to share the latest deal, to like them on Facebook, to join their fan page and to ultimately help them increase consumption of whatever they are selling. The human network expects to learn from each other so that collectively we can become more productive, resourceful, creative and what we consume is new knowledge.

The old business models have created markets from what they expected the market to consume. Consumption of things is a given because the human network has an affinity to things.  All things eventually become commodities and the markets end up chasing each other to the bottom price.  Old business models are being replaced by social business models where value is more important than price and value is the emerging foundation of a new market, our market is different than the old market.

Our Market Expects The Old Market to Know….

  1. Giving us time is more valuable than giving us a deal
  2. You need to follow us instead of constantly trying to entice us to follow you
  3. Our values are not the values created by the old marketplace
  4. Our knowledge is not for sale, it’s free
  5. Our consumption has shifted from things to the sharing of knowledge
  6. We will consume innovation as long as it adds value to expected and unexpected increases in value
  7. We are not employees waiting for directions rather we are the employers giving markets directions
  8. We don’t like our tribe being surrounded by anything especially advertisements that have nothing to do with our intent
  9. The popular are not the leaders that influence us
  10. We are the market. our intentions are different that yours, deal with it

Ignoring our expectations is dangerous because we’ll end up ignoring you. What we expect today will change tomorrow. What changes our expectations is learned improvements.  Deal with it!

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