Top 10 Dum & Dummer Social Things People Do

by Jay Deragon on 04/21/2011

A lot of people and organizations fail to think about engaging people. Instead the crowd seems to follow crowd behavior and much of it is dumb and getting dummer.

These practices are accelerated by “dum crowds following dummer crowds”.  The collective influence of dum and dummer things makes the human network appear disconnected from any cognitive capabilities. It is this pattern that attracts marketers to due dum things to attract dum crowds.

Sound Harsh? Well Consider The Following

Advertisers will spend over $35 billion dollars in the next few years to place ads on social networks. They justify it with a 2 – 3% attraction rate. Merchants will use Groupon to sell deeply discounted deals to existing buyers. All this social stuff is creating a world wide mall hoping to lure buyers into their virtual stores. While initially this practice seems to get the attention of “dum crowds” eventually these world wide malls will be as empty as today’s physical malls.

It is becoming apparent that everybody is selling something while nobody is learning anything. Thus the dum crowds follow the dum things that dummer friends do. And the brands take advantage of the dum by offering dummy deals and tricks to engage dum crowds. Out of this behavior we now see dum gurus promoting dum practices stealing peoples attention to dum things. As soon as the dum guru is discovered or their content becomes irrelevant another dum guru appears on the social landscape with something cool to say but in essence the ideas end up being well dum.

The Top Ten Dum and Dummer Social Things People Do

After an exhaustive study, analysis and intellectual exercise aimed at understanding dum and dummer things we’ve complied a list of the top ten. This top ten list is well dum but if you are offended well that is also dum. Dum is reflected by what we think and how we behave. Here is the top 10:

  1. Thinking that collecting people with no relational intent will produce anything.
  2. Thinking that strategy and tactics are constant, they are not.
  3. Propagating anger and arguing mute points for the world to see how dum it is.
  4. Thinking that the crowd really cares. The only ones that really care are those in your tribe.
  5. Sharing the mundane and babble as if it were relevant and meaningful.
  6. Chasing popularity as if popular was a lasting and engaging value.
  7. Focusing on which technology matters and becoming the expert on how to use it. It will change.
  8. Considering someone as a guru or expert and following them like a rock star.
  9. Not knowing that what you say and do online will stay in the virtual library for everyone to see forever.
  10. Believing that social will solve all problems. Technology can produce more problems when people don’t know how to use it socially.

Social Media Encourages Dummies

Despite good intentions, our friends are unknowingly polluting our information streams with “stupid juice”. The links reflect their biases. Worse, their biases are likely to be so similar to our own that we won’t see it as bias. We’ll see it as “truth”. We are surrounded and influenced by what others think is important, relevant and worthy of our attention. Much of it is dum and it can make us dummies if we don’t know the difference.  Remember the dum things you did as a teenager? Most of it was influenced by dum things others did as if it meant anything to your identity.

To get away from dum and dummer things we must be willing to learn what adds the greatest value to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Smart and smarter is the opposite of dum and dummer. Smart and smarter is the result of learning new knowledge which changes how we think and what we do. Follow the right tribe to learn how.


Lori Bourbeau April 26, 2011 at 10:23 am

I totally agree with you and couldn’t have said it better. The tricky part is how do we get others to understand this very important concept?

Elias Shams April 24, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Jay, Great points 🙂

It’s no brainer to see that social media is here to stay for good. Given vast variety of the existing channels to choose and stick with, it’s time for such a hot space to enter into a new category. There is a need for a portal to provide a quick and intelligent decision for both the consumer and the enterprise about their online connections.

A Platform to Help us to Distinguish Our Quality vs. Quantity Friends, Fans, Followers, and Companies

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and others have been doing a decent job of providing additional marketing exposure and even in some cases, additional revenue. However, as more and more social networking sites pop up, how do you manage your brand across all these channels? Maybe more importantly, which one of these sites should you select as the one that will help you best reach your target audience? The proliferation of the social media avenues is becoming overwhelming.

This glut of information reminds me of the early 90’s when WWW was adopted broadly by the general public. Every company rushed to have a presence, to the point it became literally impossible to find the right information on the Web. That’s when a better generation of search engines – at first the Yahoo! and then Google – entered the market and helped us find the most relevant information by just typing simple keywords in their search box. If you had asked before Google launched, if there was a need for another search engine – most would have said no, we already have those….

Then came Web 1.0 & 2.0 – Youtube, Flickr, myspace, Facebook, Twitter and countless others have turned everyday people into content producers, influencers and experts. We basically tripled down on the information overload How do you know which channels to select for deploying your social media strategy? How do you know which one is the right channel to let your fans and followers to find you, your products, and services? Most importantly, who is Joe Smith that is recommending that person, that company, that product?

I hope my can accomplish such a mission. The site is not another social networking platform. Yet the portal to all your existing social media channels. The platform helps you, your fans, your potential clients to make an intelligent decision as to which company to connect to or follow via which social media channels and why? It’s free!

CEO & Founder

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