How Does Social Flights Create Value?

by Dan Robles on 04/04/2011

Social Flights distinguishes itself from other aviation services because of the extent to which we create value in a community – not just profits.  Every market depends on their neighboring markets just like communities depend on their neighborhoods.  When you look at air travel as part of a door-to-door value proposition, a completely new business model develops.  We call it Social Flights.

Social Flights Creates Value in the following areas

  • Aircraft Fleet Organization
  • Social Organization
  • Vendor Organization
  • Multi-agent Game Play

Aircraft Fleet Organization: Social Flights has broad and extensive experience in both private aviation and commercial aviation.  We know what works and what does not.  Our experience with aircraft service and operations is extraordinary.  The safe , comfortable, and efficient operation of aircraft, their passengers, and their crew is a fundamental competence of Social Flights.

Social Organization: Social Flights is managed and advised by a group of seasoned executives, business consultants, and highly regarded social media experts who have broad practical knowledge in using social media or organize people around a shared goal.  Nothing economic can happen until people get together and build things.  Social organization is the cornerstone of our work.

Vender Organization: Social Flights is extensively aware of the failures of legacy advertising models and the emergence of alternate currency models for the storage and exchange of value.  Matching the right customer to the right vendor is no less difficult that matching the right airplane to the right traveller. It is essential that Vendors of supporting goods and services can interact directly with their customers – not through some search engine algorithm.

Multi-agent Game Play: The construct of The Value Game has been applied in practice and developed over time in industry and government directly by members of Social Flights Management team.   However, multi-agent game play has not formally crossed over from fantasy to reality.  Social Flights is pioneering dynamic business methods where social economic game play can form around a shared goal.  Welcome to the future.

It’s all about the relationships

We are brought up to believe that if something is not valued in terms of money, it has no value at all.  People trade information, experience, ideas, emotions, and innovation in communities.  People are learning that our relationships and proximity to others is the larger economy from which money is derived, not the other way around.   Social Flights creates value by making the relationship economy present, visible, and attainable to more people.

Value is in the eyes of the beholder

Increasingly, people are seeing that value exists in many forms; community, health, happiness, time, and experience.  While these may still seem abstract to many as a form of “Currency”, people are learning that these things are the true source of value and only they can see it for what it’s worth.вик услуги

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