People Don’t Want To Go Where They Are Not Going

by Dan Robles on 04/17/2011

At Social Flights, we understand that the most valuable product that we could deliver by air, is community.

We created Travel Tribes with the intention of finding and joining communities of people across time and distance. This is not something that can just plug into the commercial aviation system – we needed to start fresh. Nothing economic can happen until people get together and build community – this is where we all start our journey together.
People are driven by community values.

People expect to be treated with dignity and respect. It’s not the destination that matters, it is the experience of the journey and the people who they share it with that really count. People don’t want to go someplace that they are not going. When people hear good news, they tell their community. If they have a question, the ask their community. When people “learn the hard way”, they share it with their community.

People don’t want to leave their community when they travel, they want their community to be there waiting to help them along with best prices, best service, best ideas, and best practices in the new location. People don’t compete with their community, they cooperate. People don’t want advertising – they want cooperation. People want the truth and nothing but the truth.

Good Times are Timeless

With Travel Tribes, you can connect with people who know where the best deals are. You don’t have to settle for a national hotel or restaurant chain just because that is the only thing familiar to you – or because they bought off Google results – you can connect with people who know where the unforgettable experiences are. You can buy products and services that are vetted by the community for quality, durability, relevance, and cost.

In Travel Tribes, there is no advertising to steal precious minutes of life with random and irrelevant messages. If a brand wants to talk to you, they do it with a substantial discount coupon in their hands only AFTER you choose to hear about a product or service. In other words, they pay YOU for YOUR time reading their ad. If they don’t like our terms, you won’t hear from them on Social Flights. Your identity is NEVER shared and we put your data to work for YOU to drive better discounts, not for Wall Street to “profile” you.
Come See The Difference

We are at the early stages but our membership is growing rapidly with truly visionary people. New partners are calling us daily to offer services to our travelers. Top rated airplane operators are applying for membership. Entrepreneurs call us gleaming because they can finally see a game that they can win playing by a clear set of rules – those defined by their community.

Why do we attract such high quality members and partners? The reason is simple: only those willing to be in a REAL community and cooperate like a REAL community want to join us.

And who are the ones who don’t want to play? Well maybe you wouldn’t want to find out.

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