The Four Pillars of Social Flights

by Dan Robles on 04/10/2011

Social Flights rests on four Pillars

  1. the travelers
  2. the operators
  3. the community
  4. the truth

Anyone visiting Social Flights will be guided to one of these pillars depending on which part of The Value Game they seek to play.

The Traveler: This pillar will curate communities into Travel Tribes, register flight requests, and offers flight planning tools, booking services, as well as local information, guides, and services. Each Travel Tribe is independently operated by a local entrepreneur supported and supervised by Social Flights to meet or exceed standard of care expected from any reputable service agent.  Advanced social networking features are built into the traveler section for integration with social network sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

The Operators: This pillar is intended to provide an interface for charter operators to post inventory to the Social Flights Network. Social Flights accepts operators by invitation only based on their industry reputation.  Social Flights will verify FAA certifications, ARG/US ratings and other performance, service, and safety related information and posts this information for public review.  Social Flights operators can list empty legs and aircraft availability far less expensively than other listing services, advertising methods, or in-house sales department. As such, operators will have a strong incentive to practice the highest level of service integrity as they are capable of.

For Community: Social Flights believes that the origin and destination communities are the pillar and integral part in the success of the private aviation system.  As such, we will build our business success contingent on the success of the communities in directing our travelers into the local economy for travel support services.  Community partners are encouraged to join social flights as Travel Traders; Hotel chains, concierge services, tour operators, and convention event organizers are encouraged to become part of Social Flight community.

True Value Data: Social Flights will operate in what is described here as The Value Game.  The Value Game will generate a huge amount of (anonymous/normalized) data which will power a market scorecard that compares true value of Social Flights in comparison to commercial air travel, driving a car, taking the train, etc.  The output will provide everyone with a scorecard of relative social value compared to alternative modes of travel.

Four Pillars Distribute the load evenly

These four pillars acting together provide highly transparent information to all of the other players.  Everyone acting in their best interest will drive engagement and participation in a community.  Everyone depends on everyone else for the system to work. Communities compete with segmentation and inefficiency, not with each other.  At the end of the day, the true Value of Social Flights is defined and carried by the four pillars of the Social Flights Communities.

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