Welcome To The Social Flights Sandbox

by Dan Robles on 04/24/2011

Social Flights just launched 50 travel tribes across the country and we are pretty amazed at the response so far. People are joining up at a respectable clip based on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook penetration only.

We are getting dozens of requests to open travel tribes in new locations.  Plus, we are encountering some amazing people along the way who care enough to support our travelers with their creativity and brilliance.

Social Flights has deployed a HUGE sandbox of tools to the Travel Tribes application.  The purpose is not to over-accessorize Travel Tribes with abstract features, rather, we are hoping to observe how people use the system to so that we can build out the stuff that people use and we can bury the features that people don’t use.  So far the email and calendar features have been used most – which is a very promising sign that people are getting it at the core. Welcome to the sandbox.

Several interesting, and somewhat unexpected, things are happening as well.  We are encountering  a number of very high quality entrepreneurs with technologically advanced “social networking” software application, who are looking for focused communities to deploy their applications.  They see Social Flights as the place where people can “accomplish stuff” using their specialized applications.  We have heard presentations about Bayesian Search technology, network node valuation systems, aircraft schedule aggregation programs, and knowledge inventory management systems.  Seriously, we had no idea that some of these things even existed. Welcome to the Sandbox.

We are also encountering people who have an amazing rolodex of life-long professional contacts in amazing verticals; golf, hotels, airlines, charter, economic development, etc.  These folks have done it all and are simply looking for a new game that they can win playing by a new set of rules.  Wow, we’ve certainly got a place for them in our hearts. Welcome to the sandbox.

Another pleasant surprise has been in the area of advisory board recruitment.  Social Flights Management understands the need to augment our own knowledge and capability with that of other professionals with deep understanding in areas where we need to go.  At first, we wondered who in the world would agree to join a bootstrapping aviation start-up committing their time, intellect, and reputations to an experimental business method?  We are amazed at how easy it has been “breaking the question” to people who we so highly respect, and in some cases, have followed for many years. Welcome to the sandbox.

In addition, we are also approached by an interesting and brilliant generation of “Visionaries” who can see the end game almost immediately.   I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent trying to show very smart people how the pieces of The Value Game fit together only to hear them moan back “It’s too complicated – my head hurts – dumb it down”.  Now I can’t describe the pleasure of that refreshing blast of someone saying, “Oh yeah, I get it, sign me up”. Welcome to the sandbox.

Our challenge now is not about trying to control Social Flights, rather, how to set it free.  We at Social Flights thank you all (you know who you are) from the deepest place in our consciousness for leaping into the sandbox with us.  Show us your ideas and we’ll try to make them fly.

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