Are Event Planners The Unsung Heroes Of The Social Graph?

by Dan Robles on 05/12/2011

At Social Flights, we have long said that nothing economic can happen until people get together to do something.  In many cases, weak ties are a commodity, strong ties are a gold mine.  If this is indeed the case, then the Event Planner is the unsung hero of economic development.

Event planning is the process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, party, or convention.  Event planning encompasses every detail of an event from selecting the location to balancing the budget.

There are technical aspects such as transportation, equipment, permits, seating, and utilities.  And, there are artistic elements such as music, decoration, cuisine, and entertainment.  Finally, there are social elements such as guest management, contractor management, and managing neighboring events.

The event planner does it all and has it all – seriously, how many people have high capacity in all three components of human capital; social, creative, and intellectual?

Event Planners are Special

Event planners that carry us through the milestones of our lives; the birthday parties, the baptism, Quienceañera, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, and finally, our own funeral.

But even in a non-professional capacity, event planners abound in our communities.  These are the people who host parties, organize picnics, and create those multi-family garage sales.  They are involved in the spring festival, the Fourth of July parade, and the charity fund raisers.  They are found in social service clubs, hospitals, churches and schools. It’s Mom and Dad planning the family vacation.

Strongest Ties to The Social Graph

When people get together, they build very important and valuable associations that “new marketers” are frothing over.  The Social Graph is the connections and interactions of people and communities which, in the age of the Internet, represents a tremendous amount of value that is stored and exchanged.  The future of finance and economics pivots on understanding the data that emerges from the strongest ties of the Social Graph.  The importance cannot be underestimated.

How the social graph is created, enhanced, and studied as well as how the social graph is curated, protected, and abused will become the most important civic property of future communities.  But most importantly, the ability to “design” the social graph to yield “specific results” is the center of opportunity and controversy for nearly every social issue today.


At the center will be the Event Planner; they are the critical players who have the willingness and ability to create those strong links between people and the issues that are most important to communities.   The event planner is the artist with the paint and the canvas that literally designs the outcome of the social graph. As a result; their VALUE on the social graph will increase magnificently.

Spinning the Web into Gold

Event Planners have a unique skill-set vital to creating and introducing new value to the social graph.  For this reason, they rank among our most important citizens. At Social Flights, we tip our wings to the event planners for all that they do for our families, communities, economy, and our nation.  We look forward to serving these most visionary and dedicated persons.  We’ll bring communities together from anywhere in the World, but only the event planner can spin the web of connectedness into pure gold.

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Frugal Living May 12, 2011 at 11:38 am

I think that they are the unsung heros of the social graph because they never get the credit for the results that they produce

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