Facebook vs Google – Who Is Calling The Kettle Black?

by Dan Robles on 05/18/2011

Photo Credit: Fast Company; also a good analogy for the subject matter in this article

Google and Facebook are squaring off around the privacy issue.  This came to light with the disclosure that Facebook hired a PR firm to plant astroturf on Google’s privacy record.   This, in my opinion, is not wise on the part of either company.  The unholy assumption is that Facebook and Google are the only games in town. The enemy of both may be just around the corner.

Google and Facebook play the same eyeball game. Each provides a useful service for free in exchange for the data that people leave in their tracks playing the eyeball game.  Each sells the information to advertisers who then put speed bumps into the game trying to alter the gaze of the viewer’s eyeballs as a proxy for some future influence or action.  The objective is to keep people logged into their computers for as long as possible in order to impress the eyeballs most completely.

This is called internet marketing.  However, people who have been reading Jay’s blog long enough know by now that he’s got something up his sleeves.  This week an article in Fast Company featured Jay Deragon introduced a completely different discussion – Social Organization.

Suppose for a moment that a new web application were to emerge where people owned the information that they shared in their interactions together.  Think of it like a game where only the people who play the game can have access to the information that was derived from the game.  Suppose the owners of this information made the game data available to the Brands.  Unfortunately, the game data is only useful to people who play the game.  In other words, the brands would be forced to play the game along with the players.

This is a real and possible scenario that is just starting to play out.  Social Flights is Built on The Value Game. If you want to see the data, you’ll need to play the game.  So, what going to happen to the Google Facebook war?  Try: Game Over.



Greg February 2, 2012 at 1:51 pm

I find it interesting that I can use the little “share this” button to post to Facebook and a number of other places, but it doesn’t have a Google+ link. It’s things like this that make it more likely that Facebook will come out ahead.

That being said, I don’t think that’s a good thing. I really look forward to a viable third option.

Robert Ahrend June 2, 2011 at 12:32 am

Thats because they never learned how to cooperate and collaborate and forget being competitive sinceits not Company A competing with Company B, but rather the United States competing with the world and our global advisary is China and we are noy doing to well in this Global race at all.

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