Social Ideation vs. Execution

by Jay Deragon on 06/30/2011

People love to share their ideas. The social web accelerates sharing of ideas and crowds can get excited about an idea. Ideas represent change, innovation and solutions to old problems. However, an idea with no execution is simply a colorful conversation.

Execution is moving an idea into multiple processes of building something and bringing it to market for consumption.  Ideation is fun and exciting. Execution is hard work and sometimes boring. Ideas can come from chaos. Execution comes from organization.  Ideas come from the crowd. Execution comes from the few. There are big differences between ideation and execution.  One without the other produces nothing.

Execution of good ideas takes 10 things:

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Qualified Resources
  4. Management Skills
  5. The Right Message
  6. An Audience
  7. Differentials
  8. Attraction
  9. Quality
  10. Innovation

Keeping good ideas growing requires flexible execution. Rigid execution can kill many great ideas.  Execution needs new ideas and new ideas need execution.  The exploding landscape of all things social reveals some really good ideas. The best ones become sound businesses because of the management talent required to execute.

The web has become a sandbox of ideas. Those that capitalize on these ideas are those that can build a castle out of sand.


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