Why Fly Commercial When You Can Fly Social?

by Jay Deragon on 06/13/2011

Have you noticed how bad commercial air travel has become?  Delays, cancellations, price increases have become the norm rather than the exception. Besides that most of the commercial air travel system has gone to a “hub and spoke” routing system which means more time wasted for the traveler due to a lack of direct flights.

In the United States alone every year over 600 million commercial airline seats are sold to the traveling public. Over 150 million hours of passenger time, or $4.2 billion, is lost every year as the result of delays and cancellations.  All this represents lots of frustration and a non-productive system that most travelers feel chained to.

Introducing A Better System…….

Social Flights gives you an option over commercial airline travel by enabling you to organize your own on-demand jet to take you and friends where you want to go, when you want to go there.

The process is rather simple but never before available.

You state your intent to travel and Social Flights provides you with options to do so using a private jet.  Too expensive? You will be surprised.  It isn’t when you use the Social Flights innovation model.

4 Steps to Using Social Flights

The diagram on the left shows you the four steps to securing your jet and forming a custom trip.  Social flights has built the technology to enable you tosecure a jet  and fill the seats with friends, family, business associates, or other Social Fliers with similar interests.

Your jet is not the typical commercial jet.  Instead, it is a first-class, private jet that will take you anywhere faster and more luxuriously than any other air travel option previously made available to the general public.

Once you try it, you likely never go back to commercial air travel.

Our fleet of jets have seating capacities from 4 to 32 seats. Pricing per seat is driven by type of aircraft, length of trip and number of passengers flying on your jet.

Social Flights can arrange for all desired amenities including ground transportation, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations and entertainment venues at your destination. We will arrange for meals, snacks, drinks, or even flowers and fine chocolates for your flight.  Remember, this is your jet on-demand so you can design the experience any way you want.

People can use Social Flights for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Business Trips
  2. Sporting Events
  3. Entertainment Events
  4. Business Conferences
  5. Family Vacations
  6. Holiday Events
  7. Weekend Get-Away’s

Social Flights Travel Tribes

Social Flights has created Travel Tribes centric to locations, events and affinity groups. These tribes enable people to gather around common interest and subsequently create flights with other like minded social fliers. You can check out the Travel Tribes here. Social Flights also enables people, affinity groups and organizations form their own travel tribes using the Social Flights platform.

What will you do with your own jet? Anything you want to do and whenever you want to do it. Plan an event, secure a jet, grab some friends and fly like a rock star.

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