Google+: Less Is More & More Is Less

by Jay Deragon on 07/12/2011

Consider the average time of experience the populous has with this thing we call “social”. The mass adoption cycle is really less than three years old and in the same time period advancements in social technology has exploded.  As soon as we think we’ve mastered one tool the promise of a better one arises and pulls us into yet another mind trap.

Most of us have tried most every new social tool or platform that has emerged in the marketplace over the last 5 years and attempted to vet through the valuable vs. the useless. In the end what provides increased productivity and utility for us to manage valuable conversations, relationships, information and knowledge is what we are pursuing.

Plus Perspectives

Now comes Google+ and the initial reviews by the early adopters and social elite has been very positive.

Luis Suarez  –  writes “Starting another week @ work with perhaps one of the boldest moves I can remember in the last four years, perhaps next to #lawwe: moving my Twitter streams to G+’ // Just unfollowed 150 folks this morning & moved them to Circles over here; waiting for the other 300 to join and then my conversation days on Twitter are over. Only looking for density of information at this point. Let’s see whether I’d regret such move or not. Catching up with the streams now…”
 Steve Rubel writes “The first in a daily check-in. How addicted are you to Google+ on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 = meh —–> 10 = don’t eat or sleep. I am at like 7 or 8…”
There are many other positive comments and a few negatives but in general I’d say the market sentiment is “a possible game changer”

As I play around the Google+ I can see potential for not only improved but advanced productivity in gathering, collaborating and producing valuable conversations that lift the few verse the many into new paradigms that reflects new possibilities.

Does Google+ reflect More is Less and Less is More? Has Google been watching the space and subsequently recognizing the flaws and building a better tool which enables users to improve sharing productivity from one place?

Luis Suarez writes – “To me, it’s starting to look like it’s going to rule them all, as I mentioned on this blog post from last week Even more after today, where it’s been the only external social networking tool I have visited today; think they just nailed it from everything that’s missing elsewhere, plus addressing the bugs and issues from others to provide a very clean, easy to use iteration #1 :)”
Quality does not always mean quantity. Most people have gathered way too many followers, contacts and use too many “social platforms” to distribute, connect, collaborate and engage.  Time is running out on mass distraction and people will eventually look to conserve time and build strong ties with a few rather than the many.  It maybe that Facebook, Twitter and many others social platforms are simply wearing out their welcome. If so then Google + arrival is perfect timing for the next shift fueled by the few that know.

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Virtual Office July 14, 2011 at 7:40 am

In the long-term, assuming Google +1 rolls out properly, there is almost no doubt it will become a more powerful too

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