Tactical Social Games

by Jay Deragon on 07/24/2011

Marketers will spend over $350 billion advertising on the web this year “betting” that they will reach the intended market of buyers. Advertisers create slick campaigns “betting” that they will get the markets attention to their offering. Betting is a game, sometimes you win and most of the time you lose.

While many people don’t consider themselves “gamblers playing games” but the fact is everyone is betting that their idea, product or even their conversations will get traction and ultimately lead to revenue.

What Game Are We Playing?

People and businesses are spending a lot of time trying to engage people on every social platform in the universe. People put out content “betting” it will attract people to their advertisement, conversation, their offering or in lots of cases their scam.

Think about this. Why do you publish content and engage in conversations? You bet that your content is meaningful and engaging. You bet that people will retweet it because you believe you have something worthy to say. You comment on other people’s content because you think your comments are worthy of expression and “bet” it may be worthy of reading. You also “bet” that your perspectives are either right or helpful to others. Consciously and unconsciously we “bet” that our conversations, our perspective, our offering are worthy of an audiences attention. Otherwise why would anyone spend so much time engaging in online conversations? I bet you think you have the answer.

What Are The Odds?

All games have odds. A casino owner knows the odds are in their favor. To increase the odds of winning a game you need to understand the odds and what tips them in your favor.

To gain the currency of your conversational bet you must understand how to work them in your favor. The odds of creating conversational currency are based on the “human network” and not the “institutional network“. The difference between the two is creating “human content” vs. “institutional content“. The difference between those two is knowing how to speak in human terms. Human terms are based on an exchange of value received. If your conversations doesn’t create and give value you can “bet” the house will win. A few other things you can bet on.

  1. If you try and steal peoples time and trick them into a conversation you can “bet” your not going to “get” any value back.
  2. If you are a popular blogger with relevant content you can bet that your reach isn’t anywhere near traditional media. If popularity fulfills your ego you can bet it won’t fill your wallet.
  3. If you think having thousands of followers or connections represents relationships you can bet that that belief will sooner or later break your time and attention bank.
  4. If you think you have “knowledge to share” and people will pay for it you can bet that you’d don’t have the right knowledge.
  5. If you think you should be measuring the ROI on all your social media marketing activities you can bet that your philosophy is repeating the old beliefs of old media.

Social media are games. Make the wrong bet and you loose. The only way to make the right bet is to insure the odds are in your favor.

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