The Social Tower of Babble

by Jay Deragon on 07/05/2011

Some corporations are run by executives that defend old philosophies which are anti-social. Anti-social philosophies are reflected by management reactions to things they fear and don’t understand but use without much thought.

Old business philosophies are evident by behaviors which reflect the belief of an organization. What a company believes is reflected by “how” they think about people, markets and managing the organization for economic gain.

Social Babble and Results

Many organizations view all this “social stuff” as a new channel to market and advertise old messages and leverage old practices. Most are “pulled” into the use of social media because they either sense something they have to do or “believe” it will produce new sales. Eager to not be considered behind the curve and to get more revenue business leaders try to apply old beliefs to something new. Old business beliefs are driven by measuring results of actions, initiatives and anything that cost time and money. When results don’t come instead of thinking about changing the beliefs they constantly change actions, initiatives and people overseeing them. When things still aren’t producing results the executvies call in social media gurus to tell them why things aren’t working and to help make things work.

Today’s social media gurus are multiplying like rabbits. Many call themselves “strategist” with no education, study or experience in strategic thinking. Many proclaim that using the right tools and tactics is the answer. Others emphasize the need for an integrated marketing and PR campaign combined with leveraging off line media to pull on-line engagement. You can see the cry for help in the rise of “social media job postings”. A sample of these posting shows emphasis on 5+ years of social media experience, PR and Marketing degrees. These ads clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding what it is the organization really needs.

Earlier we said “When results don’t come instead of thinking about changing the beliefs they constantly change actions, initiatives and people overseeing them.” Given the immaturity of all things social and its constant state of flux most organizations will end up finding themselves stuck in a non-productive and inefficient cycle of change chasing new strategies, actions, initiatives and finding new people to oversee them. Additionally many will follow the reports of success created by others and try to copy what others are doing only to fail in the long term.

At the end of the day all these attempts at social success will end up being analyzed, dissected and reported from the gurus with new insights as to the root cause of failure or success. The popular “gurus” will then use these assessments to proclaim their profound knowledge which organizations will seek to obtain. The problem with new knowledge is that unless it is used to change old beliefs nothing will really change.

So the real challenge to all this social stuff is finding out what beliefs you need to change before you can expect any change to be successful. You can follow the social babble, noise and confusion, and get no where or you can learn how to think about the right things.

Does following social babble really get you results? Does a former drill Sargent make a good therapist? Social babble is a lot like psycho-babble.

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